Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Hello My Darlings,

Thanks for all of your wonderful supportive posts. I love you guys soooo much!!! I haven't posted as much lately because I've been busy meeting my daily word count writing grind for the November Novel Writing Challenge. And I've been trying to fight off another flu/cold/something.

We're coming down from our Halloween high. I'll take come pictures tomorrow for you and then we'll begin hauling away all of the hay and pumpkins, and sorting out the decorations to put away for another year.

One of the editors for the Mary Englebreit magazine finally sent me scans of all of the pictures they're going to use in the article about my house and garden. It was great to see all of the pictures after all of this time. We started working on this about three years ago. I had no idea that having your home in a magazine could take this long. Oh and Sunday sent me a copy of another magazine, Romantic Homes, that she borrowed some of my things for. That was a nice surprise, to get credit and a copy of the magazine.

Beau had to finish reading The Birds tonight and was bored so I read it to him. Then he was too afraid to go to sleep. Why would they assign such a dark story like that for sixth graders? They saw the movie earlier in the week. It's all super cool but not necessarily for little people.

Oh and I had a massage today and the massage therapist, Nancy, who was from Thailand, was so funny, I laughed the whole way through. I can't stop the Barbra Walters in me whenever I meet anyone so of course I got her to open up and she told me some massage stories. She told me that one time a very wealthy man (has thirty-one jets, that kind of wealthy), asked her to come to some expensive hotel in Beverly Hills, and all he wanted her to massage was his butt. He had paid for a two hour massage and he said he was really sore so she gave it her best but she got bored and started to massage other parts of his body. He told her he only wanted her to run his butt and she said, "Look Mister, I sorry, but I too bored to give two hour ass massage." When he said, "But, you're the best, this is the best massage I've ever had." She laughed and said, "What so good about me give you ass massage? Anyone can do dat?" Then he told her he'd put her up in a suite in his hotel in New York for a week, if she'd do it again for him there.

She told me that she thinks it's natural for men to get turned on because touch is sensual. She's used to it and it doesn't bother her that much. She also said that sometimes she gets turned on when someone has a super beautiful body. She likes men's butts and said that sometimes when someone has a great ass she likes to dance. I don't know if I can explain this in writing, you'd have to see what she did with her hands when she was describing this, but it was so sweet.

Another time a man who she thought was incredibly handsome, rolled over, and surprised her with his enormous erection. He whipped off his towel and there it was, nine gorgeous perfect inches. She thought it was the most beautiful penis she had ever seen. He said he would pay her two hundred dollars if she would, "Just touch it once." She said, "It too bad he not my boyfriend or him not need to ask. I say, I sorry Mister but it not my job even though it is very pretty."

I asked her if the same kind of thing happens to the men massage therapists and she said, "Oh yeah, all the time. Sometimes the man they come in the room and the woman she is all naked and waiting." She said that she's heard stories about the guys who fool around with clients. She said they always get caught and then they get fired.

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