Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I had the funniest conversation out of the rainy dark night sky tonight. So sweet and funny I thought I'd post it for you.

Luv 2 cater 2 wm: Hi, i realize the complete randomness of this but here goes, i am a tall, attractive, and intelligent slave in So Cal, looking for a Mistress to serve. i am a trained foot/domestic slave. Please get back to me if You are interested
JacquisCloset: Wow, why me?
Luv 2 cater 2 wm: You seem open minded
JacquisCloset: Because of my profile?
Luv 2 cater 2 wm: yes
Luv 2 cater 2 wm: have You ever considered it?
JacquisCloset: God I don't even remember what I wrote in it. I wonder if there is a link to my journal there. Oh wait I have an idea for you, there are all kinds of cool foot fetishism communities on live journal, maybe you could meet someone there.
Luv 2 cater 2 wm: didn't read that
Luv 2 cater 2 wm: just the creative part of your profile
Luv 2 cater 2 wm: seemed like i could take a chance ;)
JacquisCloset: I have considered it. I mean who wouldn't want a man to follow you around the house cleaning and begging you to allow them to worship your feet. But the problem is that I'm in a monogamous relationship and I think my boyfriend would freak. Funny thing is that I always fall in love with people who massage my feet.
JacquisCloset: monogomous
Luv 2 cater 2 wm: i love doing that
JacquisCloset: I know darn it.
Luv 2 cater 2 wm: ;)
Luv 2 cater 2 wm: nothing wrong with having a friend that will massage your feet, and pamper you is there?
Luv 2 cater 2 wm: ;)
JacquisCloset: I have a journal on Live Journal and I was helping someone once and found a bunch of foot communities, also I think there are plenty of places for bottoms to hook up with tops if you like.
Luv 2 cater 2 wm: may i ask where in CA You live?
JacquisCloset: God no, but I've got two small problems, 1.) I'm terrifically shy about meeting anyone on-line, and the second is that my boyfriend prolly wouldn't dig it, plus I have a little boy and ten billion cats and my life is super complicated. Wish I was braver though, man would I love a foot slave. Just out of curiosity how does it work for you, does the woman have to dominate you? I live in LA but really I can't. I wish I could hook you up with the perfect person or people though. Seriously you should go to www.
JacquisCloset: www.livejournal.com
JacquisCloset: and then browse for community journals by interest
Luv 2 cater 2 wm: i have been a footslave to women with children before. i certainly understand discretion when it comes to children
Luv 2 cater 2 wm: i live in Orange County, work in LA
Luv 2 cater 2 wm: i love the tease and denial part of the domination
Luv 2 cater 2 wm: i find it intense, erotic, and a lot of fun
Luv 2 cater 2 wm: how old are You?
JacquisCloset: What do they tease and deny you with, the permission to please them? I'm forty my friend, and super overweight so I'm no hottie, and I swear I can't go for this, even though I might fantasize about it.
Luv 2 cater 2 wm: ok, i won't bother you.... nice chatting
JacquisCloset: No problem sweetie, I hope you find the perfect match, good luck and hey, thanks for asking, it was interesting, sigh, I wish domestic footslaves were possible in the world I've constructed for myself, but I love my man and I don't know how comfortable I'd feel if he had a foot msitress or slave, either way. Hugs, Jacqui
Luv 2 cater 2 wm: ;) good night

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