Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Palm Desert, Rat Worries, Home Invasion Robbery in Manhattan Beach

Well, we're off for our vacation house in the desert for a few days. Yeay. I love the desert. I love everything about it. I like the colors and the space, the air, the fragrance, the dryness of it, and all of the little creatures. I love being able to swim in the pool and driving around without all of this hellish traffic.

It never ceases to amaze me that Californians are such lame drivers when it rains. One hundred and fifty accidents in just two hours this morning. What are the thinking, ooooh it's slippery and dangerous, let's speed up and pump test our breaks? Is it like some kind of big wet freeway bumper car temptation for these people?

I'm worried about my oldest rattie. She's lived way beyond the average rattie life expectancy. Her breathing doesn't sound too good so I'm going to have to send her to the vet tomorrow. I hate leaving when my animal pals aren't in terrific health. Some of the kitties are sneezing but we have antibiotics on hand just in case they take a turn for the worse. I always have someone here looking after everyone when I'm gone, but the ratties, they require extra special care. Oh and I'm so glad we built the big beautiful new doggy house before the rainy season. I don't know what to do about their dog beds though, they rip them to pieces as soon as I buy them new ones. I guess they'll just have to settle for carpet and padding them. Poor crazy rescue doggies. I wish they could live in the house with everyone else and not want to eat my little friends.

Oh and Ronald, Esther's nephew, who I realllly like, has just started working for a hardwood floor company, and he and his boss were laying in these new floors at this beautiful big house in Manhattan beach yesterday. This family had just moved in but they weren't unpacked because of the floors. The Mom is a teacher and I don't know what the Dad does but they were both at work and the only kid at home yesterday was their seventeen year old son. Three Latin men busted in the house with guns and really roughed up Ronald and his boss. They hit them and scared them and tied them up and put them in a closet. Then they started hitting them some more to get information out of them. They took their money, their wallets, their keys and cell phones.

They went upstairs and found the kid and took him and put him in the closet as well. Then they told Ronald and his boss not to take it personally, nothing against them, it's just business. They left them in the closet for about a half of an hour while they ransacked the house. They filled up huge bags full of stuff and piled it up by the door. Ronald saw this when they let him out of the closet. They told them not to feel bad for these rich people, they would be able to replace all of this, and then they took them upstairs and put them all in a bathtub and told them that if they came downstairs before a half hour had passed that they would kill them,. Then they stole the keys to the family Lexus, loaded it up with all of the stuff and left.

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