Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

We're back! I'm so tired. I couldn't wait to get in bed with the kitties and cuddle, but I couldn't get any sleep, with all the fur and cuddlyness. Everyone wants to sleep on my face. There's a joke in there some where.

I'm going to go back to sleep after I'm done writing to you. I had to get up and come in here to make a phone call. All I want to do today is sleep.

Yesterday I was bending down to pet some corgies and one of them reached up his little paw to pet my face or do something friendly with it, but his little hand slipped and scratched my eye. Now I have a bloody blob in my eye. I knew I had hurt it but I just kept talking to the dogs owners and trying to be friendly and polite, but when I came inside and saw it, I was so surprised. I wondered if they had seen it and if so why didn't they say anything. "Oh dear, our Corgies seem to have maimed your eye, terribly sorry about that."

I hate the clutter and furryness of my house, but I can't live without my kittynessness. When I go away and come back it always hits me, how furry it is here. Too furry.

I had fun cuddling with Sunny this morning. He's so big and beautiful. He likes to be near me but on the fringes of things. He'll sleep about two feet away, as opposed to on my face or head or pillow like most of my other cat-people-friends.

Beau had me driving all over the place yesterday looking for e-cards for his beloved Animal Crossing. I love that game, it's so sweet.

I need a bigger house with some cat-free zones.

I'm way behind my November fifty-thousand word goal. Think I can catch up? Okay my journal compatriot darlings, back to bed, wish me luck.


PS: Darn this Warped weirdness, how do I fix this? Does this mean I've lost everything I ever uploaded to them? Or do I just need to do something about it?


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