Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Family Health Crises

Fuck! I'm freaking out here. I am my Mother's only relative, her only real friend who can be counted on for anything serious. Tonight she started feeling sick and began throwing up. She has been having intestinal problems for a while now. I told her and her housekeeper Rosa, (Remember, the greedy, lying, manipulative monster-woman who I hate, but tolerate for Mother's sake??) to call me if she gets worse or needs anything. I'm alone here at home with Beau, I can't leave him, and if I wake him up and take him he'll miss school tomorrow. I just let him miss a week's worth of school when we stayed so long in Palm Desert. Now that he's just gone back to school, it wouldn't be easy explaining another absence. However I would do it, if Mom needed me.

At midnight Rosa called me from the hospital and said that Mother was feeling so sick they decided to take her in. She didn't know anything other than that they had put her on an iv. She promised to call me as soon as they knew anything. I told her I would come if Mom wanted me or needed me. I told her I would wait by the phone until I heard from her. I waited two hours and then I started to get nervous. At two am I finally called the hospital and asked if Mom had been admitted, when they said she was still in the ER, I asked to speak with someone there. The operator transferred me to the ER where I was promptly put on hold for twenty minutes. I hung up and called back and insisted they let me speak with someone. A prissy uptight nurse came on the line and said she wouldn't be able to tell me anything and that if I wanted to know something I would have to wait until my Mother called me. I told her that since I was her only relative, and that considering her age, I should certainly be informed and consulted. I told her that hadn't had any trouble getting information from any of her nurses or doctors during her recent cancer surgery, or any time prior to this when she had been admitted. Nursey-poo remained firm and intractable. I know I'm being unreasonable and taking out my frustration on a poor uptight little rule-bound autocrat, (maybe her proper shoes are too tight, or she may have had a crappy salad for dinner), but the truth is I want to roll on up there and smack her across the face.

While I was getting the rude run-around from nursey-pie, dumb (and again I'm sorry to write this here, but she really is, dumb, and you know me, I'm compassionate to a fault, but it's two in the morning and this is my mother we're talking about, and Rosa, well, Rosa is just not capable of making important life or death decisions for the only surviving member of my family of origin. Rosa does not speak English, and she can't read or write, how can I count on her to remember to say that mom can not be intubated?) Rosa called me and told me that they were about to wheel my Mother into surgery. What? Surgery? What the hell is going on? She said that they were going to put her under general anaesthesia, (not something to be taken lightly at eighty-seven years of age), and were going to put a camera down her throat into her intestines. A camera down her throat to get to her intestines? What? Oh man!

So I hang up on Rosa and call the damned hospital again. Same routine, dial the number, get the recording, get the main operator, get her to transfer me to the ER operator, listen to the recording, quickly beg them not to put me on hold, get transferred to some seventeen-year-old intern secretary girl, to whom I put forth my most impassioned plea for help, and she manages to get my Mother's doctor to speak to me, who, understanding the situation, doesn't say word one about confidentiality. Shit! So finally I'm able to find out what's going on. She has an intestinal blockage. They want to knock her out and run a tube down her throat and flush out the blockage. I tell the doctor that the anesthetist from the cancer surgery said she should never be intubated. Maybe these are different things but I think someone should tell him. He seems concerned about this and says, "Well, then we certainly don't want to do that." They will give her morphine for the pain, and will try to talk her into letting them thread a tube down her nose. I wonder what caused the intestinal blockage and why she keeps having so many intestinal problems. In a away this is good, well most things are, because this is forcing her to undergo the tests she has needed and has been putting off. This way we'll be able to find out what's been going on and hopefully cure or remedy the problem. Funny I was just talking to her about this earlier. Life is so weird that way.

Oh and while I'm grossing you out with health related stuff, my long lost period came in strong today. After two very wimpy little-girly period days, today was a gusher, and Beau got a bloody nose at school, the actual details of which I will spare you, and a part of his tooth fell off. And it looks as if the cats have come down with ringworm, Crazy Priscilla Cat has an eye infection and is so depressed she's sitting in the litter box, we're giving antibiotics to my oldest rat girly, and Coco isn't looking too good.

To bed, finally.

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