Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Look at this cute dress</a> I bought. I've always loved vintage clothes. In high school and college I always wore neat old dresses I would find, and I used to manage a vintage clothing store here in LA called LA Woman. The owner had been friends with The Doors and The Mama's and The Papa's. She was a trip, but that's another long story. Anyway I stopped buying vintage, (other than dresses sesigned by my Mother and Grandmother), when I started gaining weight, a long time ago. But just lately I've been feeling hopeful and there are so many beautiful things on eBay that I can't resist and I've begun buying them again.

I just bought this poodle dress and this amazing wedding coat and I just wanted to show them to you.

This coat is from the twenties and it's so beautiful. It's completely lined in silk. I don't know if you can tell how cool it is from the picture but it's really unique. I love things that are embroidered or beaded and things that have an Asian flair really thrill me. I also love beaded cashmere sweaters from the fifties. I keep dreaming that I'll put up a little website dedicated to them. I own the domain beadedsweater.com and I've been planning on doing this forever. Just like I've been planning on getting a cat-cam, rat-cam, ferret-cam a bunny-cam and a chinchilla-cam going, sigh.

I'm also nuts about Esther Hunt heads and I finally managed to buy a copy of one on eBay. She had a lot of people who knocked off her little Chinatown busts and even the copies are totally out of this world expensive. That reminds me I have to go pay for that, but not before I call my credit card company and twist their heads off. I sent them a huge check two weeks ago and it still hasn't gone through, argh, grrrr.

I've been getting more im's from strangers lately. Why is that?

Oh Fuck, just had a huge fight with my mother. She is the most unreasonable monster to me sometimes. I'm just sitting here crying. I'm going to go over there.

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