Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Busyness, Christina Aguilera, The Osbournes and Sarah Jessica Parker's Belly

Hello My Sweet-Peas,

Sorry I haven't been able to post much, I've been super busy. Sadly, and I hate to write this, because it means that I'm admitting this to myself, I don't think I'm going to make the fifty-thousand NaNoWriMo fifty-thousand word count by the deadline, but I'll still try. Mother's having gone back in to the hospital and this recent ringworm outbreak in and on our kitties and me has set me back pretty badly. I sure started out with a bang though.

I've said this before but please, please, please don't take it personally if I haven't been in touch for a while. I've really been swamped and haven't even been able to return calls from lifelong friends. Right now all I want to do is get caught up with all of my eBay auctions, make sure the animals are safe and cozy, and get my butt on the road for another trip to Palm Springs for Thanksgiving Break.

I tried to get out of it but it just means too much to my Mother. It'll be nice to be all together as a family. Beau is excited about driving the new/used golf cart around, and I am looking forward to surprising Mom with it. I learned to drive by driving a golf cart around my Grandparents golf course when I was little. It was so much fun and I felt so grown up and free. I think Beau is feeling the same way.

I have MTV on in the background and am watching a Christina Aguilera video-diary thing. I love learning about how anyone really lives their private lives, especially people who are successful creatively. She has the same Hawaiian beaded curtain on her closet that I have, hee hee. Oooh and now she's eating watermelon and playing with her little brother, see this is fun. But what is more important than any of this is the fact that THE OSBOURNES IS PREMIERING THEIR SECOND SEASON TONIGHT!!!!!

I love The Osbournes so much. I have dreams about them. Last night I dreamt that I was dating Jack. Yeeee. How weird is that? And then I dreamt that I was patting Sarah Jessica Parker's pregnant belly, but had to rush off to an Ozzie concert where he was pushing aging rock stars into this huge vat of pickles. Every time someone would jump or fall in the pickles would slosh over and spill all over the audience. Then the audience would roar with approval. Later I went to their house and hugged Sharon and called her my adopted Mother. I was sad about her cancer and she seemed physically fragile despite her inner strength. For some reason this reminds me of my Mother's story about when Evita hugged her, how she was so thin and fragile, she was shaking. She was dying at the time but no one knew this.

Beau and I bought the Osbournes bobble head dolls at 7-11 in Palm Desert but they were out of Jack. Of course my favorite quote is Kelly's "My teeth, my car, my vagina, my business." WE kept saying it trying to get it just right. You need to have that kind of lazy pouty mouth thing going on to get the accent right. Then we realized that she was eating at the time and when we incorporated that we had it down. I so wish I had had a Mom like Sharon. I wonder what my life would have been like if I'd had that kind of support and freedom. On the other hand I know my life has worked out exactly as it was meant to. It helps to remind myself of that from time to time.

My doctor's office called last Friday and left a message on my answering service saying they could move my surgery up to December 10th which sent me in to a slight flurry of panic. I called them right back but wound up getting stuck in the awful machine loop, and by the time they finally cleared off their messages, they had booked those surgery dates. So its back to waiting for me, which is fine.

Oh man Christina Aguilera is shopping with her Mom at party City for Halloween. We did the exact same thing. Oh no I just noticed that our Napa Valley Grill gift certificate that we won for Halloween goovyness has expired, waaaaa.

Okay I'd better get going, I think I've probably bored you all enough with my ramblings for one day. If I don't get a chance to write again for a few days I hope you all have a really Happy Thanksgiving!!!

All my love and hope for your happiness,


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