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Hello My Journal Darlings,

I've been writing but I forget to post and then it seems dated, sigh. Maybe I'll edit it and put it up later. I've been super busy with holiday doings. I'm still working on my Christmas card collage. If anyone would like to trade holiday cards please e-mail me your address and be sure to include your journal name with a link if you can because I get confused when people use their real names. I blew it last year and have felt guilty about it all year so I promise I will send cards to anyone who sends one to me. Here is my address just in case you'd like to send one. My favorite cards of course are anything that you may have made or have made personal by including a snap shot or a scribble, anything. I'll do the same for you : )

Jacqui Hyland
11718 Barrington Court
Los Angeles, CA 90049

We went tree shopping last night but the trees I like, the nine foot nobles, are all three hundred dollars or more, so I didn't get one. The kids, Irma's four children and Beau, had fun playing hide and seek and racing through the tented forest of trees.

I'm always ambivalent about killing a tree to bring it in our house to decorate. I try to assuage my shame by telling myself that even though they take a long time to grow, they are farmed like any plant that I would eat. They plant new ones for every one they cut down. Doesn't help much though. I have to figure out some solution for this. A big fake tree doesn't really do it, and even though I am going to buy a big tacky aluminum one, and cover it with pink and silver vintage balls, that's more for me and for fun, and won't hold all of our thousands of vintage ornaments that I've been collecting since I was little. Blah.

We've put up the twinkle lights and hung some ornaments outside and put the two sheep on the big chair. Today we're taking all of the smalls and putting them in the display cases. It all seems like such work and such a weird waste of time when I can't even use the house or invite anyone over because it's so peed up by the cats.

My elderly rat companion girlfriend here is getting weaker by the day. She has chronic asthma and all the antibiotics in the world don't seem to make it any better. She sleeps more and more and doesn't seem to hear me when I call her to give her a treat. Scott and I gave all of the rats pomegranate seeds the other night and they liked that. Yesterday I gave them tangerine slices. Today I gave my old girl some more tangerine and a price of bagel with jam on it, she loved that.

The phone is ringing. I hate the sound of a ringing phone. I am ignoring it but I shouldn't because I need to continue to battle for getting Rosa in to school. This horrible mean man is stone walling us. I am sure he is racist. I hate him. It's such a long story, I won't bore you.

Okay well, there is much to do in the land of Jacqui so I have to get going. Here's a cool picture of the fire after The great San Francisco Earthquake. My Grandmother on my Father's side stood on the swaying steps of the Plaza hotel (was it?) during this quake.

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