Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Silly Celebrity Chatter

I was shopping today at Fred Segals, I love this store, and hadn't been there in a while because I'm groovy-style shy. I used to go there a lot but hell it's so expensive and when it gets crowded, yeesh. Plus I don't like people checking out my clothes, my bag, my shoes, my hair accessories, gauging how much attention they should devote to me based on how much my accessories total out to be worth. I'm not imagining this. When I'm buying people are wonderful, so kind and helpful, friendly, super attentive, all you could hope for in a salesperson. But when you're walking around, it's weird. Anyway I wanted to see what they had going on for Christmas, thinking I might be able to pick up a few unique little gifts and get something to eat. It was celebrity packed today. Wall to wall industry folk, and medium level celebrities. I guess the bigger guns have their shopping done for them, or they come in during work and school hours like I've seen Goldie Hawn do.

Anyway it being the second to last Saturday before Christmas, it was jammed, and one of the gals I know there, who I bought some things from, was talking with me about the Osbournes. Apparently Sharon is a pretty regular customer, a big spender. She would be, the things there are all so unique and pretty and frighteningly expensive. Anyway she and the other salesgirl were raving about her. They had nothing but loving sweet things to say about her and the kids. They were talking about how not like they are on the show, in real life. They are super polite apparently, not bratty or spoiled acting at all, and Sharon likes to chat and visit with the gals when she shops. They said they hadn't seen her in a month at least and were worrying. When she started shopping there she was a size twenty-four, then she went down to a ten, and then the last time they saw her they said they were really worried for her because she was so thin and drawn looking, poor dear woman. I feel so sorry for her.

Oh and another salesgirl/gal/woman who walked up to us, and started talking about the show, works at The Roxy and the kids go there a lot, especially Jack. She said she thinks it's kind of cute in the way they try to sneak drinks. Other underage celebrity kids are much more demanding and shitty about it. Jack and Kelly have their friends get drinks for them and then they kind of sneak sips out of them, something like that. Although she did say that she thinks Kelly is getting a tiny bit tweaked out by her recent burst of fame, and most importantly, not, her style of dress, her clothes and hair, are becoming more refined, still quirky, asymmetrical, and young-retro-punkish, but more upscale even than before.

I loved the last episode. I love this show so much, it is my absolute favorite thing on television right now!

Trisha Yearwood parked her car next to me in a non-parking-spot at Fred Segals, and she was really nice about making sure I could get in my car. She waited to see if I could. She has a cute little black and white Shitzu I think. I'm pretty sure it was her. She was driving a shiny black Saab.

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