Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Rats Change Colors When They're Naked

I want these old luster wall pockets, waaaaaa, but I can't afford them, not with all of the Christmas buying for people that I've been doing. I would have to include myself in that people-I'm-buying-for category since I just bid an extraordinary amount on an Esther Hunt bust. I collect them, or well, I should say I collect postcards of Esther Hunt, a bust that just might be hers, and copies of her busts. I've always wanted one but am always outbid. If you want to learn about Esther Hunt go to estherhunt.com. It's the only Esther Hunt site out there and it's pretty good.

Well, I'm about to go do battle with the Los Angeles, Unified School district on behalf of Irma's little daughter Rosa. Wish us luck. We've been butting heads with a real racist shit monkey, (Mr. Haker, Lord do I want to hurt him), for about a month and a half now. I pulled a Scott and metaphorically "asked for the manager" by going over his head to the principal, and when even the principal didn't have any sway over her own employee, (he basically threw the papers in her face), I went to the district level. That got them shaking in their little academic boots. The thing is that Rosa is twelve and should be in sixth grade at least by now but not only does she not speak English, she doesn't read. They are however required by law to take her so we have been playing the stall game and hopefully today they are going to cave in and take her. Racist bastards.

Later today I go for my first appointment with the nutritionist for my weight loss surgery, which so far is set for March 25. It feels like an impossibly long time away and at the same time it feels like the approaching date of my doom. I'm scared, but I'm trudging forward.

My little naked rat, Pinky, is getting braver. He is definitely a very pissed off and frightened rat person. When I try to pet him he charges at my hand and his whole head colors purple. Who knew this is what a frightened rat looked like under all of that fur. So cute, he's like a little rattie mood ring. I know to back off when his face starts changing colors. I don't want to stress him. He's just started taking treats from my hand though...it's a good start.

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