Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Hello my Darlings,

Much to say but we have to fly out the door. We're going Aibo accessory hunting today. Beau's little robot friend needs programming to function, yup. But he can lift his leg to pee, and he makes some super cute little sounds.

Christmas went really well. Scott was so loving and generous. Beau is happy with his many gifts. Everyone else was happy too. My three favorite moments were when Irma opened the wrapping on her antique trunk - she screamed and started crying - when we went to the fire station - the fireman who was washing the big red truck was sooooo sweet and hugged all of us - and when I opened my little Steiff owl from Scott. Oh and I liked Christmas day too because Robby (my ex) and his brother and I broke the hard cold ice and spoke in front of the house and wound up hugging, and I loved going out to Le Moustache Cafe with Scott and then to see Catch Me if You Can.

I had an unusually deep spooky/spiritual realization when I was alone in the library opening my sweet gifts from hotrodgirl who was my Secret Santa. But it's a long story so I'll have to go in to that later. Basically I think I received a message from my Father and I got to speak to him and had this emotionally cathartic experience. Then later he showed up in my dreams.

I hope you all had the most loving, heart-full, holidays of all!!!!!!!

Loving Hugs,

PS: AbFab is going to have a marathon on BBC America on the 31st. Yeay.


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