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Crazy People On Ebay and My Mother's Jaguar

Today has been such a crappy day. I forgot that I could come here and write about it to you. That this might make me feel a bit better. I'm afraid this will all sound like such superficial lame stuff to complain about when there are people here who have cancer and who are quadriplegic. Nevertheless these are my little hurts, and petty though they may seem, they still sting.

I like to buy things on eBay. It's fun and exciting and I find treasures that I never would have found otherwise. Things that would have taken me years to track down through antique-mall and swap-meet hunting. Every once in a while I run into someone mean, someone who jumps the gun or sees the world in a super negative light and takes it out on me. That is the case with this woman I've been dealing with, sassybrat, and the name says it all, truly.

Back in October I bought a handful of buttons from her. It was a pathetic little auction, just thirteen dollars. She's one of those people who won't take Paypal, because they just have to have every red cent of their winnings, or because they don't trust anyone, the kind that have to have money orders. So I did what I always do when I'm dealing with a person like this, I went to Bidpay and had them send a Western Union Money order. This cost an additional five dollars to do. So now this little handful of buttons, that I mostly wanted because there was a cute little Hello Kitty button in there, had risen in cost to eighteen dollars. Fine, no problem, I sent off the check.

Suddenly over two months later she gives me a negative without any warning. A mean one too. Calls me a check bouncer, tells people to beware, and writes bad, bad, bad, in the feedback, all in capital letters with five or six exclamation points after it.

Complaint : CHECK BOUNCED, BAD BAD BAD!! DO NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL, BEWARE!!!!!!! sassybrat (dappyjlo@aol.com) 718442618

Of course I wrote to her immediately to ask her what happened, I reminded her that I used Bidpay and that it would be impossible for me to bounce a money order, sheesh. I reminded her that Western Union Money orders are as good as gold, that I don't understand what is going on, and that I need her help to resolve this. She writes this really mean letter back telling me that she had cashed my check in October, but that when she went back to her Western Union office last week they told her the check had been cancelled, and that she would have to pay them not only the original amount of the check, but an additional twenty five dollar fee, and that they would no longer do business with her. She told me I had ruined her reputation, that I had humiliated her in front of her friends, and that if I didn't send her the original amount of fifteen dollars, (I had kindly rounded it up from thirteen something to fifteen because I always do that,) and the additional twenty five that the Western Union office was charging her she was going to file a mail fraud claim against me. In her PS she kindly added that I was banned from all further auctions of hers, (as if I would ever want to do business with someone like this again), because "my reputation appalled her."

I'm not sure why but this really got to me. I actually cried because it goes to that feeling I have of being victimized by people, of trying so hard to do right, but always winding up as the black sheep. It's old stuff. I could tell you stories where I was accused of things I never did and how these accusations destroyed relationships and harmed my reputation and on and on but I won't bore you. But this was extra upsetting because it kind of came on the heels of my having been behind in paying for my auctions anyway, so I had just received a couple of negatives, after thirteen hundred positives, and here I was trying to dig my way out when Miss Crazy comes along and blam, wallops me with a super mean negative feedback comment.

Today I called Western Union and began trying to track all of this down, to see what could have gone wrong. It turns out that Sassybrat, (the gal with the perfect screen name) had contacted Bidpay in October and told them to cancel the money order. SHE CANCELLED THE MONEY ORDER HERSELF!!!!!!! The nut! Argh, and for this I lost sleep, got a mean negative that will remain on my account forever, because Ebay doesn't remove negative feedback, felt victimized and I don't know what else this all brought up. It turns out she wrote to Bidpay and cancelled the money order because she didn't want to deal with them. At that time they told her they would cancel the check and not to cash it when she received it. They even told her to contact me and let me know she had cancelled the check. But she forgot about all of this. Luckily they had a copy of the e-mail, so when she wrote again, hollering about how I had cancelled the money order, they told her she had done it herself. She said there's no way she did it and went about her merry business of condemning me for a mistake she made. Nevertheless I sent her the money because I just want to be clean and free of her negative energy, but Scott said I was letting myself be extorted.

Don't you just hate people sometimes?

Then there's my Mom and the Jaguar she has been teasing me with for fifteen years. My dad gave it to her more than twenty years ago, and when it began to get old and run down, I kept her from selling it. All these years I've been taking it to the mechanic and keeping it going. She never starts it, it just sits in her garage and the battery dies so she gives it me every once in a while, lets me keep it for six months or so, and then changes her mind and takes it back.

You know what, I just don't have the emotional energy to go into this in detail. Basically she gave me the car but I stupidly neglected to get it in writing. She told me it was mine, again this last time, she said she had it all fixed up for me or for Beau when he was older. Just two weeks ago she told me I could come get it and let Irma use it to drive the kids to school in the mornings. Then she conveniently forgot she said this and sold it to the gardener for nothing. See, I told you these were petty embarrassing things to get upset about. But they still hurt. I loved that car.

You know what? I'm going to soothe my weary nerves by surfing for some pleasing imagery.

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