Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I'm such a shmo. I actually do have a friend named Jennifer so I opened this wondering what it was, sigh. Anyone intersted in a little anal sex with Sara? Michael? Anyone? Sheesh.

Subj: You have a new message from Jennifer
Date: 1/6/03 3:39:41 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: Mandrakron
BCC: JacquisCloset

I just turned on my computer and saw your message with your amazing fantasy and your offer for me to join you. Well, my answer is...YES!

I'm totally ready for you. I'm hot, I'm horny and I AM into anal sex (just like you wanted)! Just email me back and we can meet up.


Okay, well, I'm off to the doctor's. Bla, and now it looks as if Beau and Irma may be coming down with it. You are so glad you didn't come by my house this week.

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