Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I'm starting to feel better. My appetitite came back yesterday, darn it. I was so happy when I weighed myself and found out I had lost a total of twelve pounds, which would leave me only eight to lose before my surgery date on March 25. But, I have a feeling that as soon as I start eating I'll go sailing back up.

May I just say how lame I think some doctors are? Lame and uptight and just not the friendliest folk sometimes. It just drives me crazy when a doctor says something like, "So how are you feeling? Yes? Yes, mm hmm. Well, then my diagnosis is, that you are feeling x." Waaaaa? Why bother going? Why can't I just phone this stuff in?

Woah this guy is kind of a babe, no wonder people have been watching this show, (The Guardian). I've never seen it before, I just had it on as background noise.

Beau and Irma may have caught this nasty flu bug from me. I think I caught it from Jennifer's Journal, theolive. Hee hee, not. I forbade Scott to come over because there are just too many creepy flu germs hanging around here.

I'm itchy too. What's with that? And will someone please tell Pinky, my naked office rat, that I am not a big scary rat killer? He just doesn't get it yet. I can bribe him out of the cage, get him to climb up onto my hand and halfway yo my elbow, for a piece of Fruity Booty. It is sooo hard to resist the urge to grab him and cover his ratty beack with smushing kisses.

Shoulder tension...neck pain.

Pretty picture.


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