Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

The Bachelorette

I can't believe I'm watching/enjoying The Bachelorette. But it's good to see the tables turned and be watching one of these shows about a woman picking from among a large group of attractive men for a change. I also liked watching Mr. Millionaire, although it seems really mean spirited. God I love reality TV. And I was so sick and out of it last night that actually missed The Osbournes, my favorite show, well, when Six feet Under isn't running.

Let's see here, what do I think, well, I think the mics are too hot, because I can hear way too much intimate personal sound, (spit, sniffling, breathing), going on in their mouths. I think there's an unfair double standard that I hadn't thought of before -- the men have to be just as good looking as the women do, but it seems like they also have to have more going on, in terms of success and career, than the women did. Maybe I'm wrong on that. And God bless her for not being racist.

Oh and it's good to see the guys sweat and get sad and have their egos deflated a bit, for a change, when they're the ones who are not going to get picked. Yeee, there's also a kind of stalker element going on because some of these guys had a thing for her from having seen her on the first Bachelor. And one last thing, these guys aren't all here because they are hoping to hook up with the right woman. How can she think that? They're actors, comedians, singers -- it's all about the publicity, or as I would have said in high school, no, duh. I hate to say it but I like these guys and I feel the same amount of empathy for them, maybe more, that I felt for the glas in the last show.

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