Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Celebrity Mole, Reality TV Happiness, Social Shyness, and Tiny Naked Men

Hey Everyone,

Watching Celebrity Mole and browsing for images on eBay. I just watched The Bachelorette. I'm actually upset that she didn't pick the romantic fire fighter guy. Or did she? He was so sweet. And what is up with that brunette guy who is so pushy, blech, what does she see in him? Ya know, there is just no accounting for Reality-TV-Demi-Celebrity taste in these matters. The Bachelor Two prepared me for the heartbreak of this.

Image browsing is so much fun. So is watching celebrities play underwater charades. I am so happy with the comfort and succor of all of these reality shows that have been so kindly produced and provided for us lately. (I'm loving Joe Millionaire, High School Reunion, The Surreal Life, Made, etc., etc.) I mean as much as I used to rag on my Scotti for being TV-Mon, if I'm not careful, I am going to have to reluctantly surrender my position as judgmental girlfriend and accept the title of Ms-TV-Mon.

I mean is there anything better than watching The Osbournes, (well, aside from having sex, or hiking to a waterfall, horseback riding, scuba diving, floating in the gentle waves of a sweet protected bay in Hawaii, sprinkling glitter over glue, shopping, or eating a perfect macaroon, and I don't mean those coconut ones either), and pretending they're going to adopt you and Sharon is going to manage your career? I wouldn't mind living in that house, hanging with Sharon and the kids, making burritos for Ozzie, and having that big friendly personal trainer make me look fabulous.

Still recuperating from the nasty virus that ran right through my house and made everyone, except for Scotti, super sick. Man, I wonder if I read back through my entries if I could even find a thirty day period where I wasn't sick. I'm sick of being sick, grrrrrr. My friend Durga called tonight when I was helping Beau with his blechy science homework, (atoms, protons and neutrons, this I do not care about, but I can't let him know that), and she was raving about colloidal silver. I don't know, I've tried it, but I never stuck with it, and I just don't know if I believe in supplements anymore.

Oh shoot Stephen Baldwin just got booted off of The Mole and I was almost sure he was The Mole. He was so much fun to watch, he was rude and naughty, and well, just a blast to watch. I thought he was this great natural actor, sort of like Sean Penn as Jeff Spicoli, but now I'm thinking that's just the way he is.

I was worrying about my friend Mary, (because frankly when anyone you care about has had cancer, and as in Mary's case, multiple episodes of cancer, it's hard to put it out of your mind that it could come back, aaand this is where I have to say, cancel, cancel, and I'm doing a Deepak Chopra healing hum thing, and crossing my ward-it-off fingers), so I was really happy when she showed up today and surprised me. I actually hate when people do this because I am tremendously shy and get anxious when people pop in because this is, after all, cat and pet central. But, I have been wanting to see her, and I really am glad she came by.

I just hate knowing that I'm so out of practice socially that when a warm, accepting, pal comes by, I get shy and anxious. I've been burned, and burned badly, by friends before, so I guess it's kind of natural that I have this kind of post traumatic weirdness going on about having people over. But I am such a social being, I love people, but I've fallen out of practice. I'm okay out in public and at the dog park, but here in my own home, I find myself apologizing and acting like I used to act during gym class in high school. I'm sorry sorry sorry. Stop saying you're sorry. I'm sorry for saying I'm sorry. You know you'd think that after everything I've lived through, after going on out some of the scariest auditions on the planet, after working as an actor, I wouldn't be as shy as I am, but I am.

May I just say how much I hate this commercial with what's-her-name from Ally McBeal getting all orgasmic over Clairol Herbal Essence shampoo? It just bugs me. I want to crush her. And would one of you guys work it out for me so that I could just feel well enough and have the time and energy to get out there and catch up on all of the movies I've been missing? Oh and am I the only one around here who thinks that Adaptation is overrated?

Oh and Scotti plug your ears, la la la la la, isn't Ralph Fiennes the sexiest man on the planet? I just had to work that in there somewhere, I've been in love with him since...whenever...not when he was a Nazi, but pretty much anything else he's been in, and he's with Francesca Annis, a fabulous actress I've loved forever who is much older than he is. Mmmmm mmmm.

And Sparkle is at the vet because he doesn't feel well. Send some healing vibes.

Okay so here are some funny beefcake photos for your perusal. I think these would be terrific in a collage of some kind. I just don't know if they are cool enough for me to want to bid on. I like using tiny naked men in collages, they look great when you scatter then around a big huge woman. Although these boys look like they don't spend much time around hanging around gals, big or otherwise, if ya know what I mean.


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