Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

What a crazy busy day. I haven't even showered yet. My phone-fixing-pal Fonda was here trying to configure Beau's DSL for his Mac. (She's so cool, and I'm worried about her. She's losing her vision in her right eye and they think it might be MS. Say a prayer for a friend of a friend?), Little Rosa, Irma's oldest daugher, who we just had the sweetst birthday party for, came down with 101 fever at school. The doggies had their baths, I had much erranding and piddly work to do.

Esther and I have been watching Spanish Language TV and feeling so sorry for people in Colimas who were injured or were made homeless because of the big huge scary earthquake.

I love Latin News, it's better than ours, well, sometimes. Oh what do I know. I'm swamped, gotta go.

Love you guys,

I love this fabric. But a cruel ebayer named MsSpain outbid me by an insane amount for it.

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