Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

A Few Animal Stories

There are some really beautiful new Hubble images on AOL but I can't link them here so that you can see them. I am so awed by space imagery. Especially any kind of auroras. I find them intriguing, magical, compelling. I have a beautiful old oil painting of the Aurora Borealis. I have to see it once before I die.

Last night when I went into my bathroom I noticed that the shower door was open and recovering boy bunny had escaped. Escaped into a room filled with cats. Oh My God! Panic. I raced into the bedroom expecting blood and fur and there he was, blithely sitting on the steps to my patio, as if nothing was wrong, and he had accomplished a rabitty escape mission. The cats were watching warily from a great distance. He must have kicked and scratched them to scare them off that far. I thought cats and rabbits were enemies. Anyway I scooped him up, gave him a cuddle, and plopped him back in his sick room. Then I propped a big heavy plastic storage box loaded with books against the glass door. Naughty POW bunny.

In a similar act of animal madness, (how lucky I am to have a housekeeper who just suddenly appears with a peanut butter and raspberry jam sandwich, life is good, crazy and chaotic, sometimes very hurting, but good), the cats broke in to Beau's room and toppled one of the ratty cages. When we discovered it, the cage was upside down, big fat brown rattie was missing, and there were gleeful naughty cats everywhere. We rounded them all up and kicked them out, figured out that the door hadn't been closed properly, and worried that Mr. Ratty had been removed from the planet. More panic. Turns out, he had beat it under the bed and avoided being eaten alive by a dozen cats. A serious miracle. Everyone is fine now. Poor, poor rat.

Pinky the naked rat who sits beside my computer is coming around. Food bribery works every time. He's stopped biting and squealing and will climb out on my hand for food. He'll let me pick him up and will actually sit for a minute on my shoulders and nibble on a bit of cheese, rather than hiding it in my hair or trying to leap back to his cage with it. Progress.

My oldest living rat girl, finally passed away. I'm sad, I'm going to miss her, but I'm glad that she doesn't have to live in her elderly hurting body anymore. I love her, sadness.

It turns out that Jake, (my favorite cat in the whole universe, well, no that's not true because even though Mirau is gone, I'm sure he exists somewhere in the universe, so I'll amend that to, my second or third favorite cat in the universe, or one of my favorite living cats, bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla shut up, I'm sick of all the noise...) is allergic to my perfume. Dior Addict to be specific. I really like it so I put some on before bed the other night and my poor Jakey couldn't sleep with me. He's my cuddle cat so he's used to sleeping in my arms with his head beside mine on the pillow, and every time he'd try to climb up towards my face, he'd sniff the air around me and get a sneeze attack. After several of these attempts, he finally gave up and slunk off, poor guy.

Oh and Irma's little minions left the freezer door open yesterday and by this morning we had puddles of sticky melted food all over the place. What a huge waste of food and money. We have a big freezer, it's about the size of a regular refrigerator, and so much food spoiled. It's not like I would have packaged it up and sent it to anyone starving, but it just feels wrong when food gets wasted. I was raised with the typical, "You'd better eat all of that food there Missy, think of the starving, [insert whatever population was currently starving), children." Whenever I eat in a restaurant and see the massive amounts of food that get taken back to the kitchen to be thrown away, I think about how many people would have been able to live off of that.

Well, I have to rush. We have packing to do and I want to hit the road before it gets too trafficky.

Hugs from your horse kissing pal,

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