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I love my computer soooo much! It glows at me like a happy blue machine, my cyber-friend. I need to buy a new one because this one is getting old (two years and I can't believe it's gone by this quickly), anyone have any good computer recommendations, something I can buy online?

I'm so happy to be home and well enough to sit here and say hello for just a second, before I have to try to attack one of my overflowing e-mail accounts.

I took Beau and his friend Jake to Palm Springs this weekend and it was nightmarish. I had a sudden relapse of the flu on the way there. It came on so suddenly. Just flashes of heat, dizziness, and weakness. Every funky motel we passed along the way beckoned to me. All I wanted to do was get off the road and away from the traffic so I could collapse.

By Saturday night I had one of the worst colds I've ever had. Fever, cold, body aches and pains, a sore throat, and the shakes. My nose was running so bad, I had to blow my nose, wad up Kleenex, and tuck it under my nose every ten-fifteen minutes, so I could sleep on my side. Then, as sick as I was, I had to take care of two demanding, needy, twelve year olds, my childlike eighty-seven year old Mother, and her devious, monster housekeeper, who is always on the lookout for any opportunity to make herself look fabulous and me look bad to my Mother. I have only once met anyone more two-faced than she is. Naturally it scares me to be with people like this, especially when my financial stability rests so heavily upon my Mother's good will towards me.

I did everything I could for the kids. I took them to their favorite stores, bought them golf clubs and tennis rackets so they could play tennis and hit out balls on the driving range. I bought them video and computer games. I took them to the big castle arcade and loaded them up with cash. And I did what I could to referee their fights. Beau felt like Jake was constantly picking on him and criticizing him and he was. But Jake was right most of the time. That doesn't make it any easier to take when you just want to hang out with a pal. I mean what kid wants a pal who is constantly giving him advice on how to behave, in front of his mother? He gave him advice about how he should eat, how she exercise more, how she should be more helpful to me, and I don't remember what else. He would also tell Beau to shut up and just constantly say snarky little things to him when he thought I wasn't listening.

For his part, Beau has a terrible sense of time, and can sometime be a selfish little monkey, so when Beau is focused on some game and his friend wants a turn, ten minutes can stretch into a half hour and Beau doesn't realize it. He also isn't particularly motivated to help out and it sometimes takes several tries to get him to come and do something. Blah, what a hassle.

I really like this little guy and was hoping it would go well for everyone. I like his parents too. It's funny but I think he's just too adult. Well, maybe it will all even out somehow in time. Beau came home from school today with his new pal Angie (a sweet little vegan gal from Topanga Canyon, yahoo), and he said that every time he saw Jake at school today, Jake would tell him how spoiled he is and criticize him. Too bad.

And we got a new dog. Beau has been asking me for his own dog. Our doggies are rescue doggies, every one of them, and they are all big and live outside. Beau is afraid of big dogs and has been wanting a little pal he can hang out with and sleep with. We were visiting our favorite store, Four Paws and a Tail, I think, and he fell in love with a little papillon puppy, so I got it for him. He has named her Ali and she is already charming the cats and people. I am insane. I know this.

Last night I ate one little red Swedish Fish, (a gummy candy), and within minutes I was throwing up, barfing the barf of the damned, seriously, it was scary. At one point I worried that I might suffocate if I didn't stop soon. Today my little food addict inner demon girl looked at those Swedish fishies and thought, "Could I eat one of those?" but luckily a saner part of me quickly put them out of easy reach. The big bad flu does not want me to eat those gummy fish, darn it, because they are tasty and satisfy my cravings in a low calorie kind of way.

I just finished doing half of Angie's science homework so they would have more time to play. I am such an enabler. I love being a naughty Mom, or the Mom I wish I would have had. Lord knows I don't want my children lopping off my head and hands, can you believe that?

Okay, well, I'm off to deal with some eBay e-mail before our vegan Thai food dinner arrives. I have a full night of TV suction, (American Idol, The Osbournes, and something else), to look forward too.

Love you guys and hope you're all happy and well,
Your Pal - Wacqui

Oh yech Bush's State of the Union Speech, God I hate politicians. It's just all pandering and lies. I am so idealistic in so many areas but when it comes to politics I've become super cynical. Nevertheless I'm about to get sucked in; cloning, abortion, energy, oil, pollution, the economy, drug addiction, poverty, war, God help us.

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