Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Woah Joe Millionaire is heating up and I thought his big secret, aside from the fact that he is not a millionaire, is that he is gay. I can't believe he likes the curly haired brunette, she's always lying to him, and she doesn't even like him. Damn I love reality TV. I think I'll flip to The Surreal Life during the commercials. Anyone know how Celebrity Mole ended, or is it still on?

Pinky the naked rat is slowly getting used to me. He'll let me pet him in his cage now, yeay. You so wish you were brave enough to let rat-love into your lives.

I have one day of screw-around eating left before I have to get serious about losing weight. I am supposed to lose twenty pounds before my surgery, the least I could do is try to lose something eh?

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