Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Oh man, did anyone just see Vince Neil go to mass at the First A.M.E. church with Hammer and the rest of the Surreal Life gang? It was sooooooooo moving. Some of the gang wanted to go to church so Hammer took them to hear him give a sermon. Vince said that he doesn't pray anymore because he had decided to quit praying after his prayers hadn't saved the life of his little four year old daughter who died of cancer. Hammer singled him out for a group prayer and the other pastors or ministers brought him up to the altar and the whole congregation held out their hands in prayer for help in healing him and bringing him back to God. It was amazing. I cried.

Now I get to laugh because I'm watching the Jamie Kennedy Show. I love prank shows, love them so much that I even watch one all in Spanish because it's so funny.

Here's a cool site for reality tv junkies like me.

Sick, sick, sick, taking vitamins, antibiotics, cold/flu pills, drinking lots of water, laying around resting. What more can I do. Oranges, I need oranges. Oh and Scott said to inhale steam. Must do these things.

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