Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Hi Happy Weasel, I looooove you!!!! How are you my anafriend? You liked my little plastic kitty? I collect them is that weird or what? Do you want one? There are doggies too. I could send you both. They have blinky sleep eyes that open and close, better yet they make the cutest squeak when you squeeze them, hee hee.

getting over a fight wiht my boyfriend, he was being such a huge bratty baby last night. GOD!!!! Sometimes I get so frustrated.

I've been feeling old lately : ( I mean when I think about the fact that I could easily be Brad Fitz's mother, well it's just a bit upsetting. Also I've been wanting to get lyposuction under my chin at least. I saw these pictures of myself kissing this wonderful sweet dolphin in Tahiti and I was like miss tripple neck, very disturbing indeed.

You know I was bwosing Brad's site and he has this page where he lists his address and phone number, (wow kinda risky but brave) and he says to go ahead and give him a call so I took a bog breath and did. I felt so shy but he was really nice. His MOM is only 39! I remember when I was in college and thirty felt so old. I'm starting to want to lie about my age. I am really going to have to work this out because I love people of all ages, I love faces with character. I've never been ageist (sp?) never gave a shit whether I loved someone twenty years older, if I loved them I wanted to be close to them. I went out with a musician in a very popular band when I was eighteen and he was forty. He's the one that had a problem with it. Oh bah I could blab on for hours. thanks for writing back to me and seriously let m eknow if you'd like a kitty. I actually have this head here I've been meaning to send to you forever but I wanted to do something cool wiht it first but damnit there it sits undecorated.

The party for Beau yesterday went really well. We all had so much fun in the moonbounce. Lots of little boy energy and a few girls. The cats were pretty freaked about being kicked out of the house and put in the back house, poor guys, they were spitting mad, literally.

The magician brought a pretty bunny for Beau.

Puck the Chihuahua has taught Pookatwo(achu) to eat shit. That is really disgusting to me and makes me feel kinda distant. I feel like a bad dog mommy now but when they squeeze past me at the door to rush in and scrounge around in the cat boxes looking for things to eat, oh my God, shudder, it makes me sick and then the last thing I want to do is cuddle Pooka. Fuck what should I do. Ive tried these pills and putting tobasco on the caca. Nothing works. I've read that it has to dow iht being kept in poor conditions in their early puppyhood and they both came from the same store. So sad, and gross.

The ballons were soooo beautiful/cool. They were huge and had things inside the clear ones, glitter and mini gumball balloons and swirly balloons and doughnuts wiht squiggley ones that went thru them. Well I should go navigate, thanks for writing.

Big huge hugs for my anapal,

PS: I figiured out how to get back to irc now, I dont know why some of these things intimidate me so much. Oh there was a beautiful girl/woman at my party who came wiht someone else, she was so filled wiht light, I adored her, will write about her on my journal page. Love you, me.


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