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Hey Gang, I wanted to say hi because some evil force engineered my waking at this ridiculously early hour. I had to take a Tigan because I was so nauseous. I am definitely not a morning person, or, well, maybe that's what comes of going to bed at 4:30 am when you have a weird flu cold thing, that you think is the work of some freaky underground chemists working in some basement lab at Los Alamos, and a team of army engineers and air force coconspirators ; ) I have got to do something to counter the paranoia and suspicion that comes from listening to the, what used to be Art Bell, sob, sob, but now is Coast to Coast late night radio program. I mean if I don't look out I may end up like those guys in the Nikes and the black pant suits.

So how are things in LA this morning you may ask? Oh well just fine, for a city surviving a mass transit strike. We're taking cabs to school and ride sharing to our jobs etc. Hey maybe the air will be nicer. Then there's the SAG strike and no one's going out for commercial work and agencies are going bankrupt.

Coco's harassing me like crazy, calls all day and night, won't take no thank you please move on for an answer. Meanwhile the case against her mounts. Did I tell you I found the phone bill hidden in one of her drawers? I guess she's been stealing them all along. No wonder I could never find them and was always confused about when it was due so I'd get cut off or pay it over the phone with a credit card.

I also found a pair of my underwear in her drawer. Yikes. So much more stuff as well but I don't have the energy to write it down. Basically I was taken advantage of because I'm loving and kind hearted and she figured she could. Thanks for your support in this you guys, I never thought I'd find the courage to let her go. Of course as soon as I started looking for a new housekeeper I ran into this gal at the doughnut store, (doughnuts? gee why am I overweight?) who is looking for a live in job and wants to bring her nine month old baby with her. I was seriously considering it. Right, I'd be buying diapers and making baby food, and then worrying about him getting bigger, and falling down the stairs, so I'd get a baby gate and then I'd take him to the doctor and pay for that, and maybe a cat would scratch him, and then she'd sue, just before she falls in love with some scary guy from the barrio with tattoos, who'd come threaten me with a knife, and she'd ride off, pregnant with twins, in his fucked-up, stolen Camaro, with gas from the card she took from my wallet.

Last night we went to a screening of this pretty bad, okay I'll say it, sorry Meredith, really bad Burning Man film. It went from being described in an e-mail, as a full length, feature film like, documentary about the 2000 burn, to a twenty minute, funky, home movie like documentary thing, that came at the end of an excruciatingly bad student film like thing, about three insane people in search of love traveling down the road, chatting with an imaginary companion named Sally. It's nice to see any footage of Burning Man though, even if it's shot through the dusty shakily held lens of someone's cheap video cam. The best part of it though was the reaction of the jaded burnt out ticket seller at the window who looking at me said in this totally flat affectless voice, "Oh gee let me guess, Burning Man? Go over there." I figured well maybe I don't look like a fat ordinary housewife after all. Maybe it was the pigtails and the braids.

I was so unready for sleep last night that I turned on the live feed for Big Brother and watched it for hours last night. So I was there for the alcoholic rave and the sound of Josh puking his guts up into the mic. It was soooo loud and horrible to hear, oh man. I mean I felt sorry for the guy but that was Internet live-action, more realistic than I was prepared to experience. Haaaarrrruuuupf.

Here's my conversation with my man re the chem trails thing. Laugh all you like damnit, but at least tell me what you think.

Subj: chemtrails
Date: 9/28/00 12:13:10 AM Pacific Daylight Time

He's definitely right about something, I'm just not sure it's what u think it is. I think the flu bugs are the resolution of mass psychic forces that appear as simultaneously experienced bugs. But that's another story.
S. Ask Jeeves Answer: SIGHTINGS

Then I wrote this:

Oh you,
what about the chemical trails that appear in the sky?
They don't vaporize like normal jet trails. They hang on and dissipate much more slowly.
Sometimes people report finding glop in their yards, on their cars.
Influenza outbreaks reported all over country right after appearances of these low flying jets, lower than airforce jets normally fly, with dense, wide, white chemical trails that hang in the air forever.
They've sent planes up privately to sample the stuff and it's not jet fuel or vapor. It has weird chemical compounds. Some people think that we are facing the possibility or threat of serious chemical warfare sp? in the near future, and that the govmnt can't consider inoculating huge populations of people without widespread panic, so they are spraying low levels of anthrax and other viruses and diseases so we can build up immunity. They were describing how this stuff affect your lungs and they went into great detail, and it totally sounded like what we've been dealing with. I remember laying on my bed the day after we came back from burning man and looking up through the skylights and seeing these huge puffy white trails and thinking, oh boy they're gonna start talking about the chem trails again. Then I got really sick and so did everyone else around here and sure enough they were talking about them on Coast to Coast saying they had seen them in LA on that day.

I mean your theory is lovely, and I truly hope you're right, because I love the way you look at things, I really do, and I know I always freak out and overreact and believe this Art Bell stuff, (like remember the space ship or living planet thing behind the comet, Y2K, Nostradomus, end time prophecies, etc. etc. ?) and every time I've been wrong and you've been right, well not every time, so I'll concede the point, but I just wanted you to be aware, so you know what I'm currently worrying about and referring to.

I'll let you know what he writes back. Now it's your turn. What thinketh youze?

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