Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Funny, I just got into a silly IM conversation with a stranger. I never answer IMs because well, they always turn out badly. They're usually newbies, (I haven't used that word in years), trolling for a quick sexual fix or some teenager using Mom's account. Everyone I know gives me a hard time for continuing to use AOL. But even though I had an account with The Well years ago, and could use Explorer, I like it because I'm used to it, it's easy even though it's lame.

What I really hate though are the message boards and the chat rooms. Any time I feel upset about something and am motivated to go commune with like minded people I wind up being disappointed and sad about having done so. It's always a huge mistake. And of course I forget to use a different account so my box won't overflow with porn mail and ads for cock size fixers. Bleh.

Anyway this guy IMd me and I thought, well, it might be one of my friends from Live Journal, so I looked up his profile. He wrote that he was a fireman and he seemed nice, so I answered. I figure anyone who looks up my profile can easily hop on over to my journal and find out anything there is to know about me from there, so if they write to me, they must know a bit about me. Anyway we had this one sided conversation for a few minutes where I raved about firemen and our local fire station, told him I hoped Trista from The Bachelorette would hook up with the sweet fireman from Vail, etc., etc., and then he did the usual age check thing. I told him my age thinking, oh no, this is so obviously a guy looking for a quick sex chat, and I was so over that whole cyber sex stupidness years ago. Seriously, YEARS AGO! I told him that I never respond to IMs because they're usually from trolls and jerks and he wrote back and said he was not a jerk. He wrote back that my age is a good age, whatever, then he asked me for a hug, told me I was sexy, and then asked me my age again, so I shut him down with a, "Look, you sound like you're trolling for gals, and I have a boyfriend, I'm too old for you and I'm overweight. I'm prolly better as friendship material," and guess who never wrote back? Argh. Why did I set myself up? I hate IMing with strangers.

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