Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Spit On My Nipples?

Why look, it's the idealized version of my family life.

Scott has been having some more success musically. Yeay. Two of his songs have been nominated by two different groups for song of the year awards. The best bet is for Just Plain Folks, they have over twenty-thousand members and the awards show is going to be held at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood where the Academy Awards are held. I'm so happy for him. His song Jah Creation is nominated for best reggae song of the year, woohoo, not bad for a white guy from queens. Please send some prayers/wishes/meditative thoughts?

Oh God I dread going to my Mother's every week to meet with her/my secretary to deal with financial issues. I'm sure she has something horrible planned for me this week. Mom likes to come up with new and ridiculous plans to save money that never work. She never cuts reasonably, always ridiculous and drastic. Blah. I swear I'm wondering if I should take a Xanax but I only want to use them for serious emergencies and I have to go deal with Mom and money every week. Yich.

Oh well, whatever happens I know I can look forward to being by the beach and the beautiful ocean in Ventura by late this afternoon. I'm so happy to be going. I have to get some ocean time or I start to shrivel up inside. There's just something about it that is so nourishing and healing for me.

I don't think Beau is in touch with this like I am. He never wants to go anywhere and then whenever we do he has a great time.

The puppy, Ali, is sitting here next to me in her tiny dog bed and chewing on a Booda bone. She seems happy. I think she might grow up thinking she is a cat. She's already getting along with them and grooms them, so sweet.

My breakfast is super cold -- cold oatmeal with cold rice milk, cold veggie strips, and a protein fruit blend thing. I want cake. Cake, cake, cake. I love cake. Maybe I should see a hypnotherapist and make cake and evil hateful thing that makes me nauseous. I suppose I could do that with all of the fattening foods I love, cheese, avocados, mayonnaise, pastries, bread, potatoes.

Okay, well, wish your siempre-sick pal, (that would be me), luck at her Mom's today, please?

Love you guys,

PS: Oh this is too funny. Irma just came in and said, "Want me to tell you a secret that will make your Mother be nicer to you?" So I asked her what it was and she said, "When you go outside cut two leaves off a tree. Spit on them and then rub them on your nipples. After that everyone around you will be calm and you will be protected." Can you believe that? She said that when she was little her grandmother told her to do that so that her mother wouldn't beat her as much. Isn't that kind of sad? Oh the stories I hear from my Latin friends. I might try it though.

Here's my horoscope from my Scotti.

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Aries Actress Lara Flynn Boyle
was a presenter at the Golden Globes Awards ceremony on
January 19. She wore a pink ballerina outfit, complete with a
poofy tutu, that was appropriate for an eight-year-old girl
doing a dance recital. Despite her outrageously comical get-up,
Boyle never cracked a hint of a playful smile while on camera.
Her expression was at best piercing, at worst glowering. There
was, in other words, a huge discrepancy between her apparent
desire to have fun as suggested by her costume, and her almost
scary intensity. In contrast to Boyle's inability to synthesize the
two sides of her Aries nature, I hope you will find the perfect
blend of ferocious concentration and cheerful friskiness in the
coming week.

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