Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Puppys and Rats, Conservative Am Talk Radio, Crows or Ravens, Lovely Weather, Joe Millionaire, and the Sag Awards

I figured I might as well put up a picture for my all of my boy loving friends, I've shared enough girl on girl pics lately, hee.

Good morning everyone! I'm sitting here with Beau's puppy Alley sitting on my feet. She's so soft and warm. And pink ratty is sleeping beside me in a little ratty ball. She's so cute. It breaks my heart that people are so hateful towards and afraid of rats.

I can't seem to find anything good to listen to on the am talk radio band, everything is super conservative and scary. I worry if I listen to too much of this I'll become brainwashed. They're putting my beloved Jimmy Carter down right now, bleee, no good.

I think I'm starting to feel a bit better. I won't hold my breath though. Oh that's it, I'm turning this radio off. I can take almost anything flaming right winged, but Carter put downs get my inner political love dolly riled.

There are great big black birds, I think they're crows but they're big enough to be ravens, outside my window. I love the way they cackle at each other. My yucky neighbors hate them which makes me want to toss handfuls of seed on their lawn.

It's hard to imagine that so much of the country is suffering blizzard conditions on such a lovely, mild day. The air is springy and fresh. I can just smell the grass through my ever stuffed nose.

I had strange dreams last night as always. I love my dreams, even the nightmares, they're just so entertaining. Last night I was a lesbian who murdered her lover, her children, and her cats. Then I was zooming around on some kind of watersport thing. Not bloody likely in real life, not in a gazillion years, well, the watersport thing maybe, but I'd hardly murder my girlfriend, our children, and our cats. My guess is that I'm feeling overburdened and want to change some things in my life.

And what did you all make of Joe Millionario? I was so surprised at the dulcet outcome. I actually thought it was sweet and found myself smiling. Am I sucker, a reality television dupe? What maketh you of this, eh?

Okay, I have to call my Scotti before he falls over from legal drudgery. Oh and I have to fill out my SAG Awards ballot. Anyone here voting? Wanna compare notes? The only categories I'm absolutely certain about are Ensemble Drama, gotta be Six Feet Under, (can't help it, I'm just a huge fan and the acting is so superb, thank you for casting theatre actors), and Female Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries. I'm giving that one to Vanessa Redgrave in The gathering Storm, loved her since I was in high school. I loved Salma Hayek in Frida but maybe that's because I loved the movie and the character more than her acting, I'm not sure. I'm still really pissed at the mix-up that robbed Meryl Streep of a nomination.

Okay me go. Here's a bunch of sailor's sitting on a torpedo for ya.

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