Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

What was up with Live Journal yesterday? I couldn't get on all day. This is an early post from yesterday. I'll change the date later.

Did anyone else around here hate Natasha on High School Reunion as much as I did? I hated that simpering little baby doll look she would give Dan. I hated how she totally led him on, did a complete reversal and dumped him at the prom, was a complete bitch to him, and then got away with it and wrapped it all up as friends. I seriously wanted to smack her. Oh and Summer's boyfriend/fiance, (okay I know I'm being a petty shit here), my God was he ugly.

I was just reading a review of the Joe Millionaire finale on Entertainment Weekly and was browsing people's reactions when I ran across this post;

Elvin K- Wed, Feb 19, 2003 at 2:54 PM EST

Watching my mom unscrew her prosthetic arm and use it to smack one of them big all-colored up beetles with it was more entertaining.

I just had to share that with you, heh. Message boards are always good for a few laughs, especially on AOL. Not that I advocate the smacking of all colored up beetles mind you.

Okay well off I go for one of my scary pre-surgery appointments with my doctor. I'm going to have some lovely tests and see if I've gained or lost weight, weeee. Scared.

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