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I want these.

Man what a day. I got some of my biggest debts off my back but it was so scary figuring it all out and sending off that much money when I would so much rather have it sitting in the bank.

I bought the new issue of Oprah's magazine O the other day, and finally sat down and read some of it tonight. I really love this magazine. It's one fo the few magazines that makes me feel better after I read it. It still hooks my consumer hungry heart but I love some of the articles adn the little quote cards and exercises.

I picked up some more of my Burning Man pictures today. God I miss it. Yesterday I had a really big crave attack. These are the pictures the kids took when I shoved cameras in thier hands and told them to go shoot stuff. Oh I just realized something, maybe there is still some film in my cameras, that would be great. I use my digital so this film is just bonus coverage. I love the way kids take pictures, they're so much more natural. It's liek as photographers and writers we have to learn all the rules so we can break them and get back to the way kids see the world.

One of the trippiest druggy experiences I ever had was when I ate shroms with my ex and his family once and we watched a home video my little boy had shot. It was so hysterial. Okay I'll grant you pretty much everything seems funny on shrooms but this was pretty outrageous because we were watching the world through his eyes and narrated as well. The last time I did shrooms I thought I saw hundreds of tiny white spiders hanging on to tiny silken threads all over this payphone. I'm still not convinced it wasn't real, but that was enough to make me realize I'd had enough.

I rented some movies I missed in theaters. I wasnted to rent Passion of Mind because I like to follow Demi Moore, but they only bought six copies and they were all gone so I'm watching The Next best Thing and Princess, uh oh spell check here, Monoake. Half way through Madonna and Rupert's flick and I was so determined to like it but the acting and chemistry between them is so flat it's impossible to watch. It has so much going for it but Madonna just can't cut it. Why is that? Acting is so damned easy for me, I would think that anyone with that much training and support would be able to pull it off, oh well. I really did want to like her work in this, boo.

Beau wants a giant fish tank for Christmas or his birthday next year. I don't know why he wants a great big huge one when he's too afraid to set up the fish tank we already have. Fish are hard work for us. We pretty much suck at it.

I was going to write out a big gratitude list for you here but I'm too tired so I'm off to hunt down my Japanese hitchiker's Burning Man web site.

Wouldn't it be awesome if there were a Krispy Kreme doughnuts next door and you could lose weight from eating them? Just a thought there for ya.

Love you guys,

PS: Bee Guy, I finally addressed an envelope to you but I'm waiting for your little bookmark to show up before I can send it.

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