Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Waiting for Scotti so we can go out to dinner. The nurse from the surgery suite just called me to talk to me about my echocardiagram. I asked her how things have been going with the surgery, if everyone was surviving, no deaths, and she sort of denied it at first and then said, "Umm, if you have any questions about the surgery you should call Kimberly and ask her," which just made me feel more nervous. If I'm going to be freaking out like this for a whole month I had better join a support group or spend some time on some of the on line groups at least.

If you cross your eyes or make them go out of focus do you think you can view stereoviews without a viewer? I'm just curious, I can't make it work. I got the cutest book for Scott, Irma, and Esther for Valentines day. It's a naked fifties pinup book, all stereoviews with a viewer. So much fun.

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