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More WLS stuff and the Brutal Murder of a Transgender Teen

I can't read the newspaper or watch the news. It's just toooo heartbreaking. I can only take in little bits at a time. I get most of my news from the radio and from the net.

I called my surgeon's office today to talk to him about my upcoming surgery, and to make sure they weren't lying or would treat me the way UCLA had. I'll say it again, UCLA is a mill and it is only going to get worse. If I can help it, I will never go there again. My primary care physician, Jane, was worried about my surgeon's having left UCLA. She wanted to know why and couldn't find out too much info about it on her own. Gedion, my doctor's assistant, said that
I should tell her to pick up a copy of the Times today and read an article on the cover of the California section.

The article pretty much says it all. UCLA is broke and they've hired a team of advisors to help them cut costs by increasing the flow of patients and laying off hundreds of doctors, specialists and full time employees over the next three years. In the bariatric surgery department things had exceeded maximum capacity. They were so overwhelmed and over scheduled that they had to close the doors to any new patients. They still aren't admitting any. My wait just to see the doctor was a year, with surgery scheduled six months later. Things are insane there.

I feel so much better after having spoken to Gedion today. I was able to get him directly, no answering machine, what a miracle. He listened to all of my complaints, confirmed my surgery date. calmed my fears, told me that he had so much confidence in Doctor Liu that he would send his mom and his wife to him if they needed surgery, and laughed and joked around with me about my wanting to wear ankle weights when I weigh in so I can take them off the next time I go in and instantly weigh less. Anyway I'm feeling more hopeful. Next Monday and Tuesday I have my stress echocardiogram and my chest x-rays. Tick tock. After so much time waiting here, it feels like it really is going to happen. We'll see how I feel after my appointment with Dr. Liu on Friday at the new hospital.

Back to what I was saying about the news -- I had to read the paper, I get it every day, but I ignore it and use it to line the bottom of the pet's cages. I just like knowing it's there if I need it. Especially the calendar section. Anyway, on the cover of this section, along with the article about UCLA, are two sad articles, one about a baby who was beaten unconscious and who will die without a ventilator, and another that shouldn't have, but really shocked me.

Man Testifies on His Role in Teen's Death

A defendant describes slaying of 17-year-old who lived as girl. Three others are charged with murder under the state's hate-crime statute.

By Chris O'Connel
and Eric Malnic

FREEMONT, Calif. - One of four men charged in the killing of transgender teenager Eddie "Gwen" Araujo testified against his co-defendants Monday, saying that they slapped the victim and beat him on the head with a frying pan after learning that he was a man.

Jaron Chase Nabors said Araujo pleaded with his attackers to stop, begging them, "No! Please don't! I have a family!"

But the attack continued, Nabors said, and Araujo's intended fate became clear.

I can't write any more than this. It's too heartbreaking. They hit her over the head with a can, so hard that it dented the can. Then they hit her with frying pans and went to get shovels. When they came back she was sitting on the sofa with blood all over her head and hands and was crying so they took her to the garage and garroted her with a rope. Am I so naive that it shocks me that this kind of thing still happens? What was I thinking? Did I think that because Hilary Swank won an Oscar for her portrayal of Teena Brandon in the movie Boys Don't Cry, that things had miraculously gotten better? God help us, please?

More than 250 deaths have been recorded at the Remembering Our Dead Web site http://www.gender.org/remember.

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