Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Finally!!! Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion

Woohoo everybody, the magazine finally came out! On their website it's still listed as next months issue but I'm linking you anyway. We're the Acting On Instinct article. I don't know if it's on the stands yet but Scott and my Mother and my Aunt Jani got copies in the mail yesterday. It's a huge spread and pretty much covers everything I talked about. They missed a few credits, but all in all not bad for three years of people visiting with cameras.

Here�s a peek at what you�ll find inside your April/May 2003 issue.

Acting on Instinct
Introducing the most personable of packrats! A Los Angeles actress gives her newly built home a vintage cottage feel with beadboard walls, antique mercantile signs, and quirky collections in the kitchen and baths.

Every Precious Inch
Can an itty-bitty garden pack a punch that�s larger than life? Visit with a Vancouver shopkeeper whose brick courtyard has been transformed into a garden of living texture, found items, and flowering color.

California Suite
A San Francisco antiques dealer casts a spell of vintage glamour in her pampered palace fit for a Hollywood starlet.

Cookbook Classics
From the original Joy of Cooking to the Williams-Sonoma website, see how finding a recipe and learning to cook has changed throughout the generations.

All this plus�
The relaxed d�cor of a Beverly Hills bungalow, magnificent Mother�s Day purses, Saturdays with the Houston Silver Lady, and vintage toy teasets in an array of sweet colors and shapes.

Okay well, please say a prayer, I'm on my way to the surgeon's for my first visit with him at the new hospital.


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