Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

John Melendez

I've really loved watching I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. I would have loved to have seen the British version that was such a huge hit over there. It's been a big surprise to me that the one person I've liked the most is the one person I never thought I would have liked, Stuttering John. I can't explain it but I find myself being super attracted to him. I think he looks a little like David Duchovny. He's funny, he seems loyal and kind, and his little quirks, like his fear of heights and bugs, only make him more endearing. He's come a long way though, from the slobby, ponytailed, sleazy mustached look he used to sport to the more lean cleaned up look that he has now. I think he's had some style advice somewhere along the line.

Like a spy in an enemy camp I do sometimes watch Howard Stern. I'd seen him on Stern and thought he was pretty funny. I felt protective of him because of his stuttering. But he was the guy you hate to love on the show you hate to watch. The naughty, act-out part of my personality enjoyed his outrageous celebrity interviews, I mean who would have the balls to ask some of the questions he asks? I was looking at his website and noticed he had done a hit and run interview on Maria-Conchita Alonso. How funny that they should end up stranded in a jungle together for thirteen days. Here are some of the questions he asked her at the time. It's interesting that no one brought it up on the show. He also did one with Joan Rivers but not Melissa.

Maria-Conchita Alonzo:
"Are you Rosie Perez?"
"Do you have a green card?"
"Why do Spanish men love big asses?"

Joan Rivers:
"Do you think ugly people should be allowed to have children?"
She replied: "No, & I told your parents that!"

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