Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

God, I am in the worst mood. I'm sick of being sick. Beau has been home from school for more than a week and he is giving me such a hard time about doing his homework. I had to get really angry and ground him from TV and telephone chatting for three days in order to get him to agree to read two measly little chapters in this super easy and fun book. Irma is off dealing with her usual enormous pile of personal problems. Her car got towed because she didn't pay her car insurance. She didn't pay her car insurance because she spent every dime she had and borrowed more to bring her brother over from El Salvador. Her scummy brother who won't even lift a finger to work off his debt to me. She borrowed two thousand dollars from me, (the most I've ever been able to loan anyone, and won't be able to again, considering Mom has locked down my trust), and neither this brother nor her other one, are willing to try to do a little work to help her wipe out the debt. Esther is here today taking Irma's place and she is chatting away on the telephone. She comes late, leaves early and takes lots of breaks. Scott doesn't seem to have any empathy for what I am going through. He just yaks my ear off about music and his stuff and just isn't aware of how much pain I'm in, how frightened and stressed I am. I hate everyone today. I feel used and unappreciated and pissed off. When I look at myself in the mirror I see a giant triangular shaped, bottom heavy monster, with twenty million chins. My birthday is coming up, (march 29), I wonder if anyone will even bother to send me a card. I'm definitely in self pity mode. Don't worry, I'll get over it, I always do.

Okay that's it, I'm done with being sick. I'm going to call the doctor and insist on antibiotics.

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