Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Hello My Journal Darlings,

Feeling much better today. I finally nabbed some antibiotics from that darned doctor o' mine, and after some more conflict with the Beau, he finally settled down and read a few more chapters in his book.

I caught up with a dear old friend of mine by simply adding her to my Buddy List. I should have done that ages ago. She had the lap band procedure done. I can't tell you who it is because I don't know if it would be all right with her for me to write about her private medical issues, but she lost ninety pounds in nine months and seems really happy with it. They can simply inject fluid into a port that connects to the band around her stomach and control the level of hunger she experiences by doing this, wow. She was 215 or 220 and now weighs 130. God, I can't imagine what it would be like to weigh 130. The last time I weighed that little was in high school.

I'm plugging away at my Dad's hazing/accidental death by drowning involvement. My research in the LA Times came up empty. I'm still waiting on more info from the Harold Lloyd estate, and Monday I'll talk with the archivist at UCLA. I couldn't get in touch with them today. A kind man who wrote two very comprehensive books about hazing accidents, and who has an anti-hazing website, has been helping me. It's all such a dark, intriguing, but sad mystery to me. All I know is that a man who knew my Father, but who used to date my Mother, told me he thinks my Father was involved in a drowning incident when he was in college. This would have been sometime between 1918/19 and 1924/5. I know he was haunted by something, and he was extremely secretive and defensive when it came to his fraternity days.

I have to remember that Scott suggested I look for this spring where the drowning supposedly happened by contacting the US Geological survey. It seems daunting to me for some reason so I'm stalling on that one. I don't know what I'll do with all of this information when I finally compile it. Try to do some good with it, I guess.

I'm sitting here with my big fat wonderful pound rescue cat Sunny on one side of me, and my naked rat Pinky to my left. Sunny smiles at me with his eyes whenever I look at him and talk to him. Pinky comes over and hopes for snacks but I have to be careful I don't overfeed him. When the ads for the supposedly scary new rat movie come on, I think how much I would just love to have hundreds of rats crawl all over me. Isn't that funny? Oh no here comes a coughing spasm.

Oh and the Mary Engelbreit article is out on the stands. It's the April/May issue of Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion, and the article with our house in it is called Acting On Instinct. I'll scan a copy of it and link it to my journal as soon as I can motivate my lazy procrastinating ass to do so.

My net friend Pam sent me a link to a special on Animal Planet about meerkats. Here's a link there to her home based rescue organization. They are the coolest people. If you love meerkats, go see their site.

Beau wants to go see Old School tonight. I hope we're well enough to go out. I don't know.

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