Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I'm browsing eBay while watching the Pentagon Papers and trying not to think of the parallels, that all of this is happening all over again. I remember the war in Vietnam from my childhood's perspective. I remember my Grandparents pulling me over to the TV to watch the men coming off of airplanes, telling me I would remember this day for the rest of my life -- the end of the war. They were right.

It's no wonder I'm attracted to stories about and images of amusement parks, sweet, relatively safe, innocent escapism. I love amusement parks and I'm fascinated by their history. Especially Luna Park that was on Coney Island. If you read about Luna Park, skip the story about the murder of Topsy the elephant, unless you want to be more depressed than you might otherwise be.

Doesn't this sound like it would have been a fun ride to go on?

"A Trip to the Moon was housed in a large round building. Sixty passengers would board a large raised winged spaceship where they sat on steamer chairs on an open deck. They could watch the ship's liftoff and flight to the moon through portholes in the walls and floor of the room. Scenes painted on movable canvas screens gave the riders the illusion of liftoff from the fairground, flight past Niagara Falls then up into space away from a shrinking Earth. The ship slowly rocked and wind blew from hidden fans while cables and rods linked to motors made the ship's huge wings slowly flap. En route to the moon, travelers encountered a fierce electrical storm with thunder, lightning flashes and whistling wind. The ship would then approach the moon and fly over its canyons and craters before making a landing. The debarking passengers, now within the crater of an extinct moon crater, were greeted by Midget "Selenites" with spiked backs. They were led down a long illuminated avenue filled with toadstools and fantastic trees to the City of the Moon and beyond the moat to the castle of the Man in the Moon. Finally moon maidens escorted the visitors into the green cheese room where they would offer them tasty pieces of cheese off the walls. Passengers returned to Earth via a swaying bridge.

I'm lonely, horny, sad, and I miss my Scott.

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