Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Chocolate Baths and Allergies, Backyard Barns, and Mother's Old Boyfriends

I've been really itchy for two days now. I'm tying to decide whether it's because Beau and I put a lot of chocolate eggs in our bath the night before last, or because I may be allergic to penicillin. We had a seriously chocolatey bath, we rubbed it all over ourselves like mud. But I've had hives from antibiotics once before, hives and intestinal complaints. I thought I'd settle this by carefully washing myself off today but I'm still itchy.

Next step -- call my doctor who has suddenly taken to hugging me. Wow, it really took a long time to break down her resistance. What's it been, ten years of iciness and now she's finally melting? Gratitude for miracles.

Doesn't this, The Gentle Barn, sound like a nice place? I want to visit.

Awwwww the magazine called (Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion) and told me that people had been calling to compliment me and ask questions about where I got things. Plus the sweet woman who called apologized for not having sent us copies and said she'd put some in the mail right away. Terrific ego booster that.

Now I have to find a moonbounce for Andrea and go to the dentist, shivers, this afternoon, blee.

Hugs, Wacqui

PS: It's kind of cool how people's lives come full circle; My Dad and his fraternity story, and now my Mom and her secrets and her past. Mom was a seriously beautiful woman, well, still is, but she was a platinum blonde Jean Harlow type when she was young and she dated a lot. Back then dating was pretty chaste but she did go out with a lot of men, famous and successful men as well. She just called to ask me if I had written the name and phone number of one of her really old boyfriends on a piece of paper at our vacation house in Palm Springs. It said Vaughn Paul with the location of his home and his phone number. I didn't do it. But I think the people she just rented the house to did.

How funny that these people from Oregon, that she doesn't know and has never met, would not only know her old boyfriend, but write his number down and leave it there for her to see. I wonder if they did it on purpose, too funny. This is the man who was so in love with her that he had a bracelet with his name on it soldered on to her wrist. He was vice president of Universal Studios at one point and married Deanna Durban. I love my Mom's old stories.

Here's a sweet one for my girlyfriends. I owe you guyz some nudes soon, stay tuned for naked postings.

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