Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

School Violence, a Big Bomb, My Funky Teeth, and a Moon Bounce.

I just signed on after reading a letter from the principal of Beau's school. It says, "Last week one of our students was dismissed because of flirtations with the use of violence to solve problems. In the flurry of activity I had to make a decision quickly and without much information about whether the circumstances of this event would post any threats to our community; I opted for safety and called of the dance." It goes on.

I didn't know anything about this. I wonder what really happened. I appreciate that Beau's principal would have the courage to write and send a letter informing the parents. It didn't go down like that in Beau's last school, a public school. Everyone was always afraid of losing their jobs so they did everything to maintain status quo, keep things looking good. I just wonder what really happened. I remember Beau telling me that there was a kid who was really dark and scary and talked about doing violent things. I wonder if this was the kid who was expelled. Man I'd rather have my enemies close to me so I could keep an eye on them. Dismissing him might be a little like firing a postal worker. Well, no, I guess not, if someone is a threat, a real threat, then they have to go.

Anyway I read the letter, signed on, and the first image on my screen is a big picture of the bomb they detonated in Florida yesterday, yeay, what fun, threats of violence in our schools and bomb practice in our cities. I'm sure glad I just spent an hour in the backyard playing with kids and dogs, listening to the birds, and bouncing in Andrea's birthday moon bounce.

When I was talking to the man at the rental company he asked me what kind of moon bounce I wanted, so I asked him what was the most popular with the kids. He said, " Oh da kids dey like da spunge." "The sponge?" I asked. "Yeah ju know, da spunge from da TV." "Ohhhh, you mean Sponge Bob Square Pants." "Yeah da Spunge! Das what I say." So we got da sponge. Now I have to go get da chocolate cake.

Okay, off to the shrink. Good timing. I can talk about the tooth I lost yesterday and how I feel like Miss Jacqui of the hillbilly peoples. My crown had craked and the dentist just wiggled it off and with it came most of my tooth, lovely. Let me tell you what a joy it was to have my dentist look at my teeth, and my son's, shake his head sadly and say, "This upsets me very much. It's not like we're living in a third world country."

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