Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Rain Rain Don't Go Away

You should see how hard it's raining here in LA. It started early this morning and hasn't let up since. I don't remember the last time we had such a good rain. I've said this before but Angelenos get excited and kind of loopy about weather because we have so little of it. They crash their cars because they don't know how to brake when it's wet.

It's so bad that our sweet weekend mail lady, Myoung, had to come in for a little bit to warm up. We gave her tea and towels and offered an umbrella and warm clothes but she said she can't carry the mail and an umbrella at the same time. Poor thing, she was sopping wet, and she's so tiny and cute and shy. She said she liked her peach tea but she's so unfailingly polite you'd never know if she hated it.

She told me a story about a cat they had. You have to imagine her telling it in her halting Korean/English because it's so much better that way. A friend of her son's had lots of kittens and her son wanted one. She told him that they couldn't take care of a cat because no one is at home during the day to look after it. So he snuck it home in his backpack and hid it in his closet in a little box with a blanket. He was using his allowance to buy it food and milk. He got away with it for two weeks until one day when she was home she heard this little mewing sound and couldn't figure out where it was coming from. She looked all over the house and then it seemed as if it got louder in her son's room so she went in there and pushed open the closet and found their new cat.

Hmm, I was just thinking how funny it is that just when I'm trying to taper off of my Effexor the skies get grey and cloudy, (la la la), the lights start flickering, and my money runs out. Sheesh.

Scott's performing tonight and I didn't go to Palm Springs this weekend because I felt guilty that I wasn't going to be able to see him with his new band. But it turns out that I can't take Beau anyway because it's a bar so I don't get to go after all.

My Mom wanted us to go to Palm Springs because she wanted me to take a picture of Beau in our golf cart for the paper. We buy a charity photo ad every year in this LA Times supplement that comes out on Mother's Day. It supports the Los Angeles Orphanage Guild, a charity that my Mother is particularly sentimental about because of my being adopted. I guess she thinks of me as a would have been orphan.

The thing about these kinds of charities that bothers me, well not the charity but the women who support it, is that they don't adopt any of the poor abandoned older children, because they are all Latino and African American. I would adopt one in a hot second if my Mother wouldn't withdraw all her financial support from us. I have to wait to adopt. I would like an older little girl from China and someone from here. When I get my life together; my health improved, my possessions and animals better organized, then I really want to foster and adopt. I've just got myself stuck in a really deep rut. I really, really, really use the word really, a really, really lot don't I?

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