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Our Tarot For the Day

I drew the Ace of Coins for myself, yeay. The Ace of Coins is fortuitous for new beginnings, usually financially. It helps bring forward potential and generates monetary or business success. I'm all for things improving financially for all of us, yeay.

I just did an online reading using the Victoria Regina Deck and it was super interesting. Naturally I asked it about my upcoming weight loss surgery. Just ten days to go. Everything made so much senseMy focus card was The Ace of Cups which to me means that I am about to embark on a whole new way of feeling. My cup is going to be filled with a "powerful new emotion". It makes sense then that I am so afraid because change is frightening but it needn't be.

I drew and eight of Wands for the card just beneath this one. In this reading this card represents how my surgery is being affected by people and events outside of myself. Since the Eight of Wands is about the drive to excel, of passion and ambition and the desire to achieve and create, I am thinking that in relation to my surgery this may address all of the overweight people who are forging ahead in mass to have this surgery, to make this change, and all of the doctors who are pushing themselves to accommodate this huge influx of people wanting them to operate. The danger in this card is of forging ahead too quickly and I'm sort of seeing this globally rather than individually, seeing what this process has been like. The long wait to see the surgeon, the three and a half hour wait in the waiting room, then the surgeries that are rushed one right after the other day after day to accommodate all of these people. If I could talk to my surgeon and his staff about this card and it's relation to me I would ask them to slow down and to be meticulously careful. But I think the change of hospitals and the circumstances right now for my doctor are already making this happen.

The card just above the center card, The Nine of Cups, speaks of internal influences. The nine of cups is all about enjoying life and I am going to take this to mean that I shouldn't worry about dieting and the austere way that the nutritionists and other people in charge of this surgery are forcing people to behave and that I should simply be enjoying my life and living it right now. Trusting in the outcome.

The card just to the left of my center card is the Nine of Wands and represents the helpful influences in relation to my surgery. The nine of wands is a defensive card and represents how I am feeling right now. I am feeling frightened of this change. I am feeling defensive and self protective. I need to stop thinking the worse and imagining all of these negative outcomes of this surgery. I have made my decision and I need to keep walking towards it with more faith.

The last card in this reading is just to the right of the center card and is the Death card. In this position it represents influences that are obstructing my progress. I am going to assume that since the death card rarely means literal death that it means I am faced with a revolutionary radical transformation. That my old way of life will die away and that yes this will be a whole new state of being and may not be easy but that I will be victorious. The old needs to die for the new. All in all a terrific reading. Yup. An exact reflection of how I feel right at this moment. But then I suppose you could say that I could project anything onto these cards.

Here's the link for you guyz. You can get a five card spread or any kind of reading, it will interpret it for you and give you a simple little printable version. Fun-nessness. I like the look of this deck so much I bought it, but here at home I've been using a really pretty artist collage deck called the Artist's Inner Vision Tarot. A whole bunch of mail art artists got together and made this deck. Each person designed two cards. wouldn't you guyz like to do one with me?

Okay so here comes your card, whoever you are, as long as you are here and reading this.

"Your Card: Six of Swords

The Six of Swords is a card of voyaging. It speaks of purposeful travel, not aimless wandering. Like the educated tourist, the explorer is always mindful of the reasons for the journey. They do not leave security behind, but rather bring it with them. A change of scenery can be a chance for a new beginning or for a new perspective on the challenges we face. Although there may be risks there are also rewards for striking out in new directions."

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