Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Did You Ask For My Help?

I just realized something. One of my new LJ friends came by and asked me for some help with some of the basics with journal design -- uploading and linking pictures etc. I love helping and in fact I was just giving some unsolicited help when I remembered your post. I meant to come back and give you some links and help you out but I got distracted as usual. If you're reading this and you still need help will you forgive me and post your request again?

I have a wee focus problem, the unfortunate outcome of a mix of antidepressants, (creative people are often super sensitive and it is hard to live in this world as sensate as I am, so I have chosen to turn the volume and color down and numb out a bit, I want to wean off of them in time), and a semi-recently diagnosed case of ADHD. I have probably had this all my life and it just was never diagnosed because my parents didn't believe in psychology or psychiatry.

I am forever apologizing to my journal playmates for my spaciness. I just always want everyone here to know that you are all very dear to me, and that sometimes I just need you to come wave your words in front of my face. I don't get the notifications that come to my e-mail box because I can't resist all of these wonderful people, and have added so many friends that my box floods. So I have to rely on my unreliable memory to prod me to check back and look for newer comments, or responses to comments I've left. It's a daunting and impossible task for a single mom with a home filled with animals, kids, and people who need my help. I do try though, and I definitely care and will pay attention if you flag me. I just would hate for anyone here to think I'm a jerk who doesn't care because I really really do. There's that really really really again. Heh.


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