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Oh noooooo, I posted the wrong thing here. I thought about clipping some of the letter I wrote to ana and pasting it here and then decided not to so instead I wrote this big longo thing about fame and opportunity and will post that here but I ahd meant to copy that here instead of the one to ana, oh well, live and loin cloth.

Hi Pals,

Guess what? Yesterday I ran smack into Rob Reiner in our local toy store and I was just about to do my usual, I'm a cool professional gal who would never act funky around anyone successful and impose on them thing, but decide instead to slowly walk out of the store and then...run to my car and throw everything around looking for my business card so I could come back and nonchalantly give it to him. I don't know why that kind of stuff is hard for me to do. Wasn't it Oprah (or someone she quoted) who said preparation + opportunity = luck or something like that? Anyway I walked up to him with my heart pounding and said, "Hi, I just wanted to give you this because you never know what the hell" or something like that. I had wanted to say, "I'm the as talented but less in your face and friendlier version of Camryhn Manheim you've been looking to hire for less," but the opportunity never came up. I could have said you gave my old friends Daphne Zuniga and Tim Robbins their first big breaks but fuuuck you always think of what you could have said after the fact. In any case he was really, really nice!!! He looked at my card and started reading it aloud, then his little boy snatched it out of his hand and said, "Hey you're coming out of that flower," and I said "Yes and then smiled and mumbled something about well you never know and then took off." Wish I could have been ballsier because I've heard he likes that but ti really took so much out of me just to be brave enough to walk up to him like that. There is just this really strong unwritten code of ethics here that says, only fannish geeks bother people they recognize. I mean I see them every single day. At the market, the gas station, the bank, the park. I remember once when I was driving on Sunset with my friend Karen, (this was years and years ago), and a limo with John Travolta in the back passed by us. Well, of course I like to act like I couldn't care less and Karen well she jumped at the window glass so hard saying, "OH MY GOD, IT'S JOHN TRAVOLTA!!! JOOOOOHHHN!!!! OH JOOOHHHHNNN????" I can still remember the sound of her hands hitting the inside of the car window, her fingers splayed out against the glass like a trapped dog, and the click of several acrylic finger nails as they snapped off. Now I love my friend Karen and she's lived here forever so she's seen her fair share of celebrities as well but she was rabid and it made me feel so small and uncomfortable. I was actually so close to two of my girlhood idols where I could easily have said something and had their full attention but chose not too, Meryl Streep in a booth at Soup Plantation, and Barbra (please don't laugh) Streisand (oh man my geek quotient just went up way high now didn't it)? sat next to me at a movie in Century City, and chose not too. You know I think I have a memory of trying to get David Soul's autograph at a groovy Beverly Hills restaurant when he was in Starsky and Hutch and his being really mean to me, hmmm. Anyway I'm starting to think there's a more honest middle ground, somewhere between being too afraid to accept advantages that are literally flung in my face and groveling at people's feet. I swear I was in my favorite fat gal clothing store in North Hollywood one day and was just chatting away to everyone there, telling stories and making everyone laugh, when one of the customers pulled out her card and put it down in front of me saying, "Hi I'm head of all comedy development for (ABC, CBS or NBC), one of the big networks and I'd like you to come see me, I could really help you" and do you think I did it???? Nope just left the card there forgetting to take it with me. I met a really nice mother and son at the vets late one night and charmed the hell out of them, turned out he was a child star on some sitcom and the Mom said she liked me so much she was going to call her business partner and tell her about me and would see to it that they took me on and helped manage me, all I had to do was call. An agent browsing through my photographers book said that she thought I would be just perfect for her and I let that slide. I made friends with another woman whose daughter had the most amazing agent in the world on her side. He nagged and nagged this casting director so much, even offering him money to see this girl, that he did and she got a major role in a feature film that's coming out. Her Mom said she thought I was so funny and deserved a break and would insist that he take me on. I guess I'm telling all of you this because a.) I'm chatty, b.) I stayed up way too late last night so I don't really know or are what the hell I'm doing or c.) I'm really pissed off at myself for the opportunities I've let slide and am actually proud of my self for being proactive for once. I also ran into, (you run into people in this place, narrow aisles, sharp turns), Tom Hanks in the same Toy store and have twice been within complimenting range of Michelle Pfeiffer, once at dance school and one at...you guessed it, the same toy store. Okay well that was a long one. I was going to tell you guys about Beaus party and paste some stuff back in her from a response but I tired myself out. I'll come back later. I'd like to paste my business card here so you can see what I gave him...maybe I'll go get the address and come back.

Love you guys,

PS: I called bradfitz on the phone and he was really nice, that was risky too. I feel so old around some of you guys. Oh well I'll get over it.


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