Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

You guyz were asking about the kittens. They're almost two years old now. I can't believe it. Is that right? I put this picture up a long time ago and people were so kind, everyone liked Rook, our little grey kitten. He has turned out to be this sleek macho cat. He's super smart and likes to jump up on me from behind and hang from my shoulders. My back is lined with his claw marks -- funny little man puss.

He was spoiled to death by his Mother and the other cats. Spooky and Scaredy hauled him all over the place and wouldn't let us play with him as much. If we moved the kittens to the bed she would come and get Rook, take him back to her bed in the bathroom, plop down and start nursing him and forget about all of the other kittens. It was so funny. I think because he was the only grey kitten, they favored him for some reason. There were ten kittens in all, we gave one away to a super nice home, two died, (so so sad, I cried and cried), and now we have seven; Ruby Dee 1, Ruby Dee 2, Ping, Lilli-i, Rook, Sammy, and Swanky.


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