Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Yeay Money Breathing Room, Phew

Hey everyone, do you remember when I wrote that I did a mini Tarot reading and drew an Ace of Coins? The Ace of coins is a nice friendly little card that can mean, "Hey You, stop worrying, here comes some money." I was so happy and thought, thank God, because I was poor poor poor, with lots of stupid little eBay payment auctions due, and sellers clamoring for their money.

Things had gotten so low because, long story short, Mom, who controls my trust accounts, got uptight about money, and refused to transfer funds from our trusts to our checking accounts. At the same time, the man who handles our brokerage accounts quit and forgot to tell the new guys in charge that they have to transfer moneys into a certain account by the first of every month. So the money I depend on every month to pay my bills just wasn't there, and all of my checks started bouncing.

Things were looking very scary and grey there for a bit but now, all of a sudden, everything is okay again. I have money in my accounts and my credit card has agreed to give me a bit of credit to tide me over until I can pay them. Ace of Coins, see.

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