Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Dear Diary,

I've been writing a lot in you lately. Recently I've been inspired to create collages and assemblages, I want to make altered books and more of my collages that I've been making my whole life, but I am in absorb mode. That whole ocean - ebb and flow, thing. I am looking at colors and shapes, taking in things. Gathering inspiration and being amazed by other people's work. I just recently learned about a magazine called Play and subscribed to that, and then I found a magazine called Somerset Studio and subscribed to that. I feel ready to spill all of this inspiration onto a canvas but I don't have the space in my cramped and chaotic home. I'm jsut putting this on cyber-paper here to share my recent inspirations, and to let you know where I am creatively and how much I ache to create. I'm going to give myself time, time to change, and then time to heal and approach my next phase of being.

I like this woman's work, (Linda Woods), particularly her Buddha collages. I love using Buddhas and Asian images in my work. I pledge to create more and share it with you as soon as my world will allow me.

Sister's On Sojourn

Here are two pieces I recently bought on eBay from Trudy's Studio. I love glitter and glamour grrrls.


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