Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

This Is Just So Wrong

This is from the Iraq Peace Team Site. I am just sitting here crying over this. I can't stand it. I feel so fucking helpless. I want to reach out and comfort and help these people somehow and I'm stuck here living with all of my own fears, and feeling so damned complicit just by being an American. I absolutely hate Sadaam Hussein, but I don't trust our government, and I don't know what the truth is. All I do know is that war and killing is evil.

"Pregnant women who can afford it are having cesarian sections so there babies will not be born during the bombing. Women are afraid they will not be able to make it to a hospital, or if they are the hospital staff will be overwhelmed with war casualties and will not have medical personnel to assist with deliveries. But the birth just gives cause for a different set of fears. Will there be clean water to care for the new child, will there be food available, will there be gas for cooking and sterilization, electricity? And the most likely answer is, no.

I spoke with the assistant director at the hospital I visit yesterday and he said that these c-sections births are very dangerous for mother and child. To begin with, the babies are not ready to be born yet, so they are at greater risk for health problems. They are less immune to disease, less able to absord nutrients, and are likely to have breathing difficulties. And of course, the mothers are at greater risk for post operative problems such as infections and bleeding.

He also said that many of the mothers who have children undergoing cancer treatments will stop the treatments and take their children home now. Most of the women have other children at home and feel they must return home to care for them during war. They feel it is better to allow their sick child to die rather than risk their other children being killed in a bombing. Can you imagine being forced to make such a choice. From what I have seen, these children in the hospital don't stand much of a chance anyway since all the needed medications are rarely available, but being forced to discontinue the treatments that are available is simply obscene."

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