Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Compulsive Shopping, My Last Meal, and Goodbye To Solid Food For A While

Someone buy me this gorgeous green flapper dress please? Isn't it pretty, oh, sigh.

I had fun shopping today, my last big compulsive blow out for a while. Since I had some room on my credit card I went out and bought this big fiberglass cow that I had been wanting for a while. It's actually a baby cow. What do you call baby cows? Anyway it's about the size of a love seat and it's going to go in my front yard. I am going to plant tall grass and wildflowers around it so it will have it's own little meadow. I am so hoping this will bug the shit out of the only neighbors I hate. The ones who freaked out when I put a big lifeguard chair in my garden.

I also went to the antique mall and bought two big ninety year old horizontal wooden signs to hang up near the ceilings in my kitchen and in my bedroom. They're so cool, one is red with raised gold Chinese and Thai characters, and the other is black with gold characters. I hope they don't say something like, Fresh Dog Served Here, or Pretty Prostitutes for Your Pleasure. Ya never know. I also bought a really cool old Chinese shrine/alter that's from the thirties. It's hard to describe but it's really exotic and cool. Ouch, wheat thin poke in the gums. Owwww.

I did the same thing with dinner, Mexican food at El Cholo; cheese enchiladas, guacamole and chips, a virgin pina colada, a few bites of flan, and tea. Earlier I had gone to Sees candies to buy my fave white chocolate cashew brittle. I bought a one pound box, that's a lot of little pieces of this stuff, and I could barely eat one. So now I have to find someone thin to give it to tomorrow.

Now after a stressful few hours trying to hook up with the wild peace marchers in Westwood, following them to Santa Monica, and facing off against the scary helmet clad police squads, I am feeling hungry again. So I'm going for a little cheese, some olives, and some wheat thins. When I wake up I will begin a several week or month regimen of clear fluids, clear diet Jello, and diet popsicles.

I'm watching Craig Kilburn. Anyone wonder whether Burt McCracken, of the cauliflower penis nickname, broke up with Kelly Osbourne, or if she broke up with him, and why?

Does this turn you on? Lavalife singles are waiting for your calls. Mike likes taking romantic walks with his little dog to the convenience store. I don't know, does that do it for you, the whole walk to the convenience store thing?

Alrighty this was my last bite of solid food for a long time. Goodbye to overeating fattening food and hello to living.

And oddly enough Martha Stewart is showing one of her staff members how to pack for going to the hospital.

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