Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Well, today is fleet phosphate soda day. Everyone who has had this surgery says this is worse than the actual surgery and hospitalization. Ack, whateva, diarrhea, dehydration, and nausea never stopped me. I have a big plastic cow to play with.

I have so much to do and say and write before this surgery. I just hope I can feel well enough and make the time to do it.

I may be getting another moonbounce for the kids, just to take their minds off of things for a bit. Four days of non stop helicopters hovering over our house, screams, and cops marching in formation is a lot for anyone to take.

Please please say a prayer for me so that I won't barf from taking medications without any food in my stomach.

Thanks so much everyone for all of your love and support. I'm finding it super hard to write back to everyone, I just may need to read your comments and thank you for them in my heart for now. I'll try but if I can't write back I'll hold you in my heart and get back to you when I'm on the other side of this.

Look at this lovely woman shrink from five hundred pounds to 165.

And here are two more terrific weight loss stories with before and after pictures.


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