Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Goodbye Sunny, my angel cat.

Here are some pictures I took of Sunny just a couple of months ago. He went so fast, and we are all in such shock and are grieving. He was so huge and had this big weight of sadness on him. His owner's room mate had just dumped him at the shelter when they got in a fight. I knew from the moment I saw him that he was going to come live with us. The shelter said they had to keep him for a week before anyone could adopt him. He was so depressed in his cage. He looked so hurt and betrayed.

I put my name on the interested party list and waited the week. Every day thinking that I was nuts for even considering to take in another cat but something about his plight, something about him, maybe that he looked like my beloved Mirau, made me passion for having him. I got up really early the day that he was available so that I would be the first person in line at the shelter. I even passed up on a good garage sale so I wouldn't miss my chance.

When I got to the shelter I was panicked about getting someone to sell him to me before anyone else came and tried to take him. I grabbed his card out of the little slot so no one else would be able to take it while I was waiting in line for one of the many burnt out heartless employees to come and help me.

There was a woman at the counter who had a cat in a carrier. She was crying and saying that she was sorry she had to abandon her cat but that she was moving and that the new landlord wanted a security deposit. I instantly hated her for her ignorance and her callousness -- the fact that her cat, an owner turned in pet, would be the lowest priority to the shelter and as an adult most likely to be killed, and the wicked callousness of people who take in pets and then abandon them to the so called shelters because they are just too damned lazy to do right by them.

When she heard that I was adopting a cat she looked at me and begged me to take her cat instead. She said, your cat is so beautiful and someone else will want him, please won't you take my Pricilla, I can't take her with me I'm moving. I talked with her for a while and even offered to pay the deposit her landlord required and the $25.00 increase in rent for six months, to give her time to look for other sources of income so she could keep her cat, and she still refused me. Nope, she and Pricilla had come to an agreement and this was the best thing for her. What could I do? So I took both cats.

Priscilla turned out to be mentally unstable and scratched out her eye, so she's our crazy one-eyed pirate cat, and we love her anyway.

They sent Sunny to be neutered at the dread Animal Birth Control clinic. I respect them for the good they do but I do not trust them because they are a mill. I begged the "shelter" to allow me to have my own vet neuter him at ten times the cost but they refused. Who knows if he caught something there.

At home here he moped around for a long time and I just know he was hurting over what had happened to him. He had ringworm and gave it to all of us. He didn't like to be petted near his tail. The vet said it was nothing. He wanted to be the top cat and beat everyone up until he earned his place as head kitty. He always greeted us at the door and talked to us. I so wanted to cuddle with him at night in bed but he would never let me, it always had to be on his terms. Everyone loved him and he was so beautiful. You can't tell from these pictures.

I just pray it wasn't my fault in some way. That what he died of was something he didn't catch from being in our home. I'm grateful for the little time we had him. Loving cats can be so hard, especially when you have a lot of them and someone is always sick or dying.

I love you my Sunny Angel, I'll never forget you.


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