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I was reading EvilHomers journal tonight, and she had these facts from her childhood listed, and it was such a great idea that I thought I would copy her copying someone else. *blink *blink *smile

When I was about thirteen years old, I used to sneak out at night with my best friend, and we would strip and stand naked on these pillars or posts that were on either side of my parents driveway, and strike poses and wait for cars to drive by. They would screech to a stop and when they'd back up we would be gone. It was hysterical. silly repressed Catholic schoolgirls.

One time I was so stoned I ate an entire pear without chewing and then I threw it up, heh.

We used to hitchhike to Westwood so we could see movies. Then we'd try to find some kind adult who would get us in to the R rated ones.

I like cotton candy, a lot.

I shouldn't listen to so much late night radio, it's too spooky.

I've always known I wanted to be an actor, when I was in high school I used to go to Lee Strasberg's. One day when my Mom was going to be late to pick me up, (she was always late to pick me up, still is), I walked down the street, (Hollywood Boulevard), to this big building that had a sign outside advertising something about a free personality test. I went in and took it. Scientology. Yikes. I was only fifteen I think and they started calling me but I ignored them until they went away. I just had this feeling that it was dangerous somehow. I know a lot of people find the whole e-meter auditing thing helpful but not at the higher levels when you're stuck and can't get out. yeeeee.

I sang Torch Songs in the basement restaurant bar of the George V hotel in Paris when I was eight years old. There was a pianist and he accompanied me. My parents couldn't stop me. I had a crush on this thirty-five year old tour guide named Dante. I seriously thought he would be impressed by my singing and fall in love with me too. I so stalked him. Poor guy.

I have always been curious about other people. We used to steal people's mail, read it and then put it back. I feel so guilty about this it's hard to write. One time we (when I say we I mean my old best friend and me) stole a suitcase out of someone's unlocked parked car, just to see what was in it. So we took ti to my house, opened it up, thought ti was pretty boring and then took it back, but the car was locked now, so we put it on the roof. I can only wonder what they thought.

We were relentless in our prank phone calling. Whenever I get prank phone calls now I think, aaah karmic payback.

I used to be really afraid of bees and prayed to God to keep them away from me when I wanted to go swimming in our pool. I would try to make deals like, if I don't swear, will you keep the bees away?

My first lover's name was Chuck. We had sex in his parents bedroom after watching A Clockwork Orange. He didn't know I was a virgin. It didn't feel strange or new at all, it felt familiar as if I'd been doing this for centuries. I take this as proof of reincarnation or cellular memory, I hope it's the former.

I love the smell of jasmine and gardenias. I think gardens need fountains for the birds and the dragonflies and the sound. My fountain turns off at two am in the patio and the ones in the front stay on all night : )

I'm tired...

And umm could you tell the Arabs and the Jews to please stop fighting, it scares me. Tell them I said stop it!

Love you,

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