Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Laurel Canyon

I just saw Laurel Canyon with Scott and I loved it. It's funny how we all do really have different taste in movies. I mean I can see how someone else might be bored out of their minds by it but I just thought it was the greatest thing since well, since I could chew anything. Sliced bread just wouldn't have fit in that sentence. Plus I cheated, I have chewed -- 1 1/2 pieces of string cheese, small curd low fat cottage cheese, a bite of hummus, about ten bites of an avocado and ice. So maybe it would have been more fair to say that I think Laurel Canyon is the greatest thing since the last time I had a really good Mexican meal, and that's saying a lot right now.

Frances McDormand is a deep, centered, sexy, shining soul-being of an acting goddess and anything she does makes me want to suck her toes and ruffle her hair. Christian Bale, who has always scared me a bit, (not just because he was so disturbing in American Psycho, and not just because he looks a little too much like a wanna-be Tom Cruise), holds his own against her. I never expected as much from Kate Beckinsale, and Natascha McElhone, well, she's just so pretty who cares that she has this sort of unnatural stillness about her work. She's all eyes, but they're such pretty eyes.

I really liked Allesandro Nivola, the about-to-be-a-rock-star boyfriend of Frances McDormand. hey had such chemistry together and he had some of the best lines. I liked the writing, the humour, and I loved the music, and really bought that this was a band making an album. Plus you guyz know I'm a sucker for anything involving water and there was a lot of swimming pool action front and center with some great underwater shots. I don't know, maybe it's because I live here, but I could lay on my bed and watch movies like this back to back all day long.

I so hope they hurry up and release a DVD with lots of extras so I can see anything that might not have made the final cut.

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